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Gluu Product Documentation#


The following page lists all of Gluu's active product versions. Versions that have reached their community end-of-life date have been moved to a separate EOL page.

See the end-of-life dates for all products here.

Free Open Source Software#

Gluu Server Community Edition (CE)#

Identity & access management (IAM) platform for web & mobile single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA) and API access management.

[4.0] [3.1.7] [3.1.6] [3.1.5] [3.1.4] [] [] [3.1.2] [3.1.1] [3.1.0] [EOL Versions]

oxd OAuth client#

Client software to secure and integrate server-side web applications with an OAuth 2.0 Authorization Server (AS), like the Gluu Server.

[4.0] [3.1.4] [] [] [3.1.2] [3.1.1] [EOL Versions]

Gluu Casa#

Self-service web portal for end-users to manage security preferences, like 2FA, for their account in a Gluu Server.


Gluu Gateway#

API Gateway and reverse web proxy for central policy enforcement and access control using OAuth and UMA scopes.

[4.0] [1.0]

Super Gluu#

Two-factor authentication (2FA) app for iOS & Android using mobile push notifications and FIDO U2F authentication.

[3.1.3] [EOL Versions]

Couchbase Integration#

Assets and connectors to leverage Couchbase Enterprise Edition as the backend database for the Gluu Server.


Admin Configuration APIs#

REST API extension to manage configuration options available in the Gluu Server Admin GUI.


Available with VIP#

Gluu Server Docker Edition (DE)#

Docker assets and recipes for multi-node container deployments of the Gluu platform.

[4.0] [3.1.6] [3.1.5] [3.1.4]

Cluster Manager#

GUI tool for installing and managing a highly available, clustered Gluu Server infrastructure on VMs.

[4.0 beta] [3.1.6] [3.1.4] [3.1.3] [EOL Versions]

End-of-Life Schedule#

Version Status Release Date Community EOL Date Enterprise EOL Date
4.2.x In Development TBD TBD TBD
4.1.x In Development February 2020 August 2021 August 2022
4.0.x Active October 2019 April 2021 April 2022
3.1.7.x Active November 2019 October 2020 April 2021
3.1.6.x Active April 2019 October 2020 April 2021
3.1.5.x Active January 2019 April 2020 April 2021
3.1.4.x Active November 2018 April 2020 April 2021
3.1.3.x Active May 2018 April 2020 April 2021
3.1.2.x Active January 2018 April 2020 April 2021
3.1.1.x Active October 2017 April 2020 April 2021
3.1.0.x Active September 2017 April 2020 April 2021
3.0.2.x EOL June 2017 December 2019 December 2019
3.0.1.x EOL March 2017 September 2019 September 2019
2.4.4.x EOL July 2016 December 2018 December 2019