Janssen Docs

Core docs for all Janssen Project components and tools. Start here if you have any technical questions! 

Extra docs not covered in the open source, like how to obtain a trial license, deployment specific details like helm charts, and docs for the web Admin UI.

Get started with low-code identity orchestration. You don’t need to learn the Agama programming language–Agama Lab generates the code for you!

Current version is Gluu 4.5. Links to older versions of Gluu 4 are below for reference. 

Extensible self-service portal for end users to enroll and manage their credentials; out of the box authentication flow to tie it all together.

IOS and Android mobile application, published by Gluu, that uses push notifications and FIDO endpoints for registration and authentication. Requires your organization to have an account on Agama Lab, and to purchase credits through the Scan marketplace.