About Gluu


Our mission is to build the world’s best enterprise identity and access management platform and contribute back to the open source community along the way.

Gluu's Story: 15 years of consistent product innovation

Before starting Gluu,  founder Mike Schwartz worked for ten years as  an IT consultant, helping enterprises build IAM infrastructure. He noticed a consistent pattern: incumbent IAM vendors, although initially innovative, tended to stop innovation once they got adoption. He felt that an IAM platform built on open source components would achieve a more consistent level of innovation, which was important because IAM technology is rapidly advancing. So the first Gluu Server was launched… a curated distribution of the world’s best open source IAM components, configured using one control plane, and commercially supported. 

Today, many enterprises use Gluu’s software to protect critical digital resources.  We lead  development of many of the open source components we use in our commercial product. We are committed to support enterprises who want to host their own infrastructure, or who want to outsource operation to us. Either way, we can help businesses and governments build the most cost-effective, robust IAM infrastructure to deliver solutions for some of the world’s hardest security requirements.

As an employee owned company, we are grateful to our loyal customers for supporting us for 15 years and enabling us to accomplish our mission.  By building a stable business with sustainable growth, we hope to continue our innovation for another 15 years and beyond!

About our team

Founder Mike Schwartz is the author of the 2018 Apress book Securing the Perimeter, host of the podcast Open Source Underdogs, and Identerati-in-chief of the livestream Identerati Office Hours.  Gluu’s 35 person team is globally distributed and very diverse. Most of the core team has been with Gluu for more then ten years.