Gluu Flex: Software for your Enterprise identity plant

Gluu Flex Components

Flex is Gluu’s flagship product–a commercial Identity Provider with an open source core. It includes all the components found in the Linux Foundation Janssen Project, plus the Flex Admin UI, a web control plane with enterprise features like reporting and audit. 

Common use cases include:

Gluu Flex

Gluu Flex is good for business.

No Lock-In

One of the unique features of Gluu Flex is the ability to move to the Janssen Project open source distribution. If your Gluu subscription expires, the commercial Admin-UI will lock. But your authentication service will not go down because the core components are open source. You won’t be able to use the enterprise control plane, but you will be able to configure using the open source tools.

Cost effective

The cost of a Gluu Subscription is based on peak Monthly Active Users. That means you don’t have to pay for users who never log in!

Gluu enables your business to use existing database infrastructure–no requirement to deploy a fragile, single-purpose LDAP topology. This can significantly improve your total cost of ownership (and uptime!). 

Improved time to market with the low code development enables your business to better serve customers and deliver value through improved user experience and security.

Harness the innovation of open source for your enterprise!

Multi-Factor Authentication

With Gluu Flex, end-users can self-service manage their MFA credentials. Flex has out-of-the-box support for SMS, one-time password, Super Gluu mobile push authentication, and of course FIDO authentication and passkeys.

Social Login

Built-in support for Google, Facebook, Apple,  Microsoft Azure AD, or any consumer identity provider that supports OpenID Connect. This is accomplished using Agama-based identity orchestration.  After authentication, end-users can link and unlink social login identity providers by logging into the Flex Casa component.

Use JWT access tokens to secure APIs

JWT tokens are critical input to security policies. In a way, JWTs are the new policy information point (“PIP”)–they contain the data shared from the central authn/authz infrastructure. Gluu Flex mints many kinds of JWTs, and also provides a real time solution to expire them. 

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