Gluu Flex 


“no lock-in”

Build a Secure Scalable Centralized Authentication and Authorization Service

Gluu Flex is a downstream product of the Linux Foundation Janssen Project. It was created for enterprise customers who want a commercially supported distribution, plus some additional tools to ease administration. All components except the Admin UI are still Apache 2 licensed–migrating to the 100% open source is always an option.

Common use cases include:

  • Passwordless Authentication and 2FA
  • Mobile authentication
  • OAuth authorization and consent
  • Consumer digital identity

Gluu Flex is a commercially supported distribution of the Janssen Project, including the OpenID, OAuth, Config, FIDO, and SCIM Server components. 

Cost Effective

Gluu Flex pricing is based on Monthly Active Users. That means you don’t have to pay for users that never log in!

Gluu is by far one of the most secure, and cost-effective solutions for self-hosted consumer authentication.

What you’ll find is that when you compare Gluu Flex with the cost of self-hosting, it’s a great deal!

No Lock-In

One of the unique features of Gluu Flex is the ability to export your data and move to the Open Source distribution of the Janssen Project.

This means that you can start with Gluu Flex, but if you decide to move to 100% open source “in-house” later, it’s no problem.

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    Two Factor Authentication

    Built-in support for SMS, one-time password, Super Gluu, and FIDO authentication. With Gluu Flex Gold, end-users can manage their two-factor credentials on a self-service web page.

    Social Login

    Built-in support for Google, Facebook, Microsoft Azure AD, Linkedin, Amazon, and Twitter. With Gluu Flex Gold, end-users can link and unlink social login identity providers.

    OAuth JWT access tokens

    Use OAuth JWT access tokens to secure APIs. The scope claim of the JWT enables you to centrally control the extent of access in the business logic of your application.

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