Identerati Office Hours Episode

Discussion of two emerging OAuth Specs: First Party Native Authentication and Global Token Revocation.
How digital identity can empower consumers to build trust online, and why we can’t rely on Big Tech to solve the identity crisis.
Do proposed decentralized identity solutions share some common patterns with Bitcoin and NFTs?
Did you know Self-Sovereign Identity is not only about identities? In this episode, we’re going to uncover another side of SSI universe
Policy as Code (PoC) is current in vogue. This method extends the principles of Infrastructure as Code to security policies.
Cerbos is a new startup in the authorization space, positioned as an authz technology for developers, product and security teams who prefer YAML over Rego.
“Least privilege” is the total entitlements required to perform a job over time.
India Listeners: Our first Tuesday episode at 9:30AM IST. We’re going to try to do this at least once a month!
Restream helps you multistream & reach your audience, wherever they are.
IIW 38 is upon us. Mike is attending and bringing his microphones! Happening Tue during IIW Session 5.
In this episode, we’ll dive into best practices for client authentication. Is private_key_jwt really so hard?
Identerati Office Hours, Episode 004: Authz: Authz Renaissance: Why now?