with Agama Lab, Gluu’s low code identity orchestration platform, your business can build the perfect identity flows in minutes, not months.

DIY Identity

Get started in three steps...


The Explore Catalog lists re-usable projects that enable you to quickly solve business requirements. Whether it’s passkeys, OTP, SMS, social login, inbound SAML, biometric authentication or an ever expanding array of new projects–find the project that you need to quick start your solution. Once you fork it in Github, you can select your new repository in Agama Lab and get to work! 


Once you’ve forked a project, you can make some changes to purpose build your solution. You can change the look and feel in the form designer, or add additional steps into the Agama flow using low-code block programming. 


When you “Release Project”, Agama Lab builds the .gama  archive in the releases section of your forked Github repository! Or you can download a .gama archive for quick testing. To run your project, you’ll need an IDP that supports Agama–right now that’s Janssen Auth Server or Gluu Flex. All the project assets are in the .gama archive–upload and your IDP automatically unpacks and deploys. You’re ready to test!  

Explore the Catalog of Agama Projects

Agama Lab encourages re-usability. You can import existing projects to re-use a flow you find useful.

Earn Awesome Developer Swag!!!

Get Ready to Design

With Agama, you don’t need to accept the one-size-fits-all solutions offered by SaaS identity solutions. You can build the exact flow that you need, that integrates perfectly with your backend systems. Join the Agama Community today to learn more! 

Create a custom login flow that integrates with your existing systems and meets your specific security requirements.

Implement MFA for your users to enhance security.

Create a seamless single sign-on experience for your customers across multiple applications.