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How does it work?

You’ll need to sign up for an Agama Lab account. One you’ve registered, you’ll be able to sign-up for SCAN in the “Market” section of Agama Lab. You can try for free–the first 500 credits are on us.

Authorize developers to call SCAN endpoints by downloading a JWT, called a Software Statement Assertion or “SSA”. Share this SSA with your developers, who can use it to obtain client credentials.  They will only be able to call the SCAN API services you specified when you created the SSA.

If you think Agama Lab is going to work for you, enter your billing information. You can buy credits and set your account to auto-recharge based on a configurable threshold. You only pay for the requests you actually make–there is no base monthly service fee.

Available APIs

Use the power of APIs to enhance your enteprise security and fraud detection capabilities


The TypeKey API enables you to use behavior biometrics to create a template of how an end users types their username and password.  Keyboard dynamics is an established strategy for detecting fraud, and it enables you to strengthen password authentication without the need to teach end users a new authentication ritual.

Super Gluu

While Super Gluu is a free application, you need Gluu to send the notifications, because we publish the app on the Play Store and App Store.  The Super Gluu API is used for this purpose, and the cost is just one credit per call. 

Flex License

The Flex AdminUI requires a license, and to obtain one, you’ll need to call the license API.  If you want to try Flex, you can use the license API free for 30 days. After that, you’ll have to either buy a license on Agama Lab, or contact Gluu. 

How much does it cost?

You can load your SCAN account with credits–one credit costs US $0.01. When a software client makes a call to an API that is protected by SCAN, your account is debited based on the cost of the service. For example, the cost of Super Gluu is one credit, so Super Gluu endpoint requests costs one penny.  You can set your SCAN account to auto-recharge when your balance gets below a certain threshold. 


Scan Credit Cost

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