Rapidly Deploy Strong Digital Identity on the Cloud

Gluu Solo is a SaaS IAM solution that lets you rapidly deploy strong identity management

Welcome to Gluu Solo, a simplified way for your organization to launch and operate your own Gluu Server.   With a cloud-hosted, “single-tenant” service your organization will have access to your own independent server and database–enabling 100% control over your instance, without the IT system “care and feeding” requirements of self-hosted services. You’ll even get SSH access to your server. 

Move Gluu 4 from VM to Cloud in minutes

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    Gluu SoloGluu Solo PlusGluu Solo Scale
    Cost $1260 per month*$1710 per month*$2160 per month*
    Production Server 4 CPU / 16 GB4 CPU / 16 GB8 CPU / 32 GB
    Development ServerN/A4 CPU / 16 GB8 CPU / 32 GB
    Add'l RAM/CPU if requiredNoNoYes
    SSH AccessYesYesYes
    Full access to dataYesYesYes
    DDoS protectionYesYesYes
    Fully customizableYes YesYes
    All components includedYesYesYes
    Casa built-inYesYesYes
    Image BackupDailyDailyDaily
    Data BackupMonthlyMonthlyMonthly

    * with annual contract

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    Choose your plan

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    Wait a few minutes for your instance to be created

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    Now you are ready to build your Gluu Server on the cloud

    Step 6:
    Remote into your Gluu Server

    If you want to try the Gluu Server before signing up for Solo, spin up a virtual machine (VM) and install for free

    When you are ready to try Solo, fill out the form below to see if you qualify for a 30-day free flight.

    In addition to SSO, Gluu Solo includes “Casa”, a portal for end-users to manage their MFA credentials. Casa features out-of-the-box support for FIDO, OTP, SMS, and Super Gluu authentication. 


    Make the login process easier by leveraging biometrics, security tokens, and mobile devices. Using these techniques you can reduce the risk of stolen credentials and prevent phishing–the two most common ways hackers can get into your organization.

    Single Sign-On

    SSO is an important use case for employee productivity, and customer-facing user experience. With Gluu Solo, SSO is maintained simultaneously across OpenID and SAML websites. 

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Gluu Solo supports many 2FA mechanisms, like FIDO, OTP, SMS, smart card, Duo, and many more. Gluu Solo also offers a unique self-service portal called Casa, which enables end users to manage their 2FA credentials, much like they would do at Google.

    Social Login

    Built-in support for Google, Facebook, Microsoft Azure AD, Linkedin, Amazon, and Twitter.  With Gluu Solo, end-users can link and un-link social login identity providers.

    Configure SSO to SaaS Applications

    Gluu Solo supports all SaaS services that support open standards for identity.

    configured with google saas app
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with AWS
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with Cisco Webex
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with DropBox
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with GitHub
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with Microsoft 365
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with Moodle
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with RocketChat
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with SAMLtest

    Pay for support only when you need it


    Implement custom business logic for authentication, authorization, and more in a way that is upgrade-proof and doesn’t require forking the Gluu Server code. Each type of script is described by a Java interface — i.e. which methods are required.


    Integrate SaaS and off-the-shelf applications. Presumably, the app already supports SAML or OpenID Connect and provides documentation for configuring your IDP (Gluu Server) for SSO.


    Most organizations will want to edit and customize the look and feel of public-facing Gluu Server pages to match their corporate branding. 

    Launch your Gluu Server on the Cloud

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Each Gluu Solo instance is hosted on a dedicated virtual machine (“VM”). This means that your organization’s data is not mixed up with other customers and that you have full control over your Gluu Server. It also means that you have direct, unfiltered access to the database and logs. You can securely log in to a terminal using tsh, which is a more secure version of ssh. Because your Gluu Server is hosted on a dedicated VM, you have the opportunity to install third-party software, use familiar Unix tools, and get a level of access impossible on multi-tenant offerings.

    When you subscribe to Solo, operational support is included. This means if you have any questions about installation, backup, updates, availability, disk space, certificate rotation, or other issues at the system level, we’re here for you.

    But… if you have functional questions, like “How do I set up SSO with this SAML SP”, or “How do I add an OpenID Connect client with the right scopes”, or “How do I add custom attributes”, or “How do I implement this custom authentication requirement”…  i.e. stuff that is about how to configure your Gluu Server… that is covered by “Functional Support”, which is  USD $100 per hour, with a minimum of one hour.  There was no way for Gluu to include Functional Support and maintain the low pricing we offer. The number of hours booked against tickets can be viewed on each ticket and you can close your tickets at any time to prevent further charges. If a ticket is suspected to take longer than one hour you will be notified.

    Gluu 4 documentation lives here.

    Gluu Solo VM’s are deployed on Google Cloud. There are over 200 locations. Check Google for the most up-to-date list.

    Gluu performs a backup automatically every eight24Fo hours. Additionally, refer to the documentation to understand how to perform a manual backup of your data, which you can move off the server for safe keeping. We can provide a link to the image of the virtual server from the last snapshot by creating a Ticket.

    Gluu provides server-level access to the LDAP Database that can be exported anytime as LDIF (a text format) or as native binary database files (quicker to restore). All user settings can be exported as well. You could also use the SCIM API if you just want to pull the users out. Unlike other services that make data portability difficult to lock you in… we give you everything you need to move to Community Edition, or anywhere else!

    No. Administrators are given permission to perform most tasks needed, but sudo access is limited. If access is needed for something out of the ordinary, you’ll need to submit a help ticket to request.

    Gluu partners with Teleport to secure shell login via tsh. One of the advantages of Teleport is that Gluu stores a video recording of all shell sessions. Even if the bash history is deleted, we’ll still have a record of what happened! Even if you # rm -rf / … we’ll have a record.

    Sorry, no free trials! We’re deploying a whole VM just for you, and that’s expensive.

    If you want to try the Gluu Server, we recommend downloading Community Edition and installing it on a local or cloud VM. When you are sure the Gluu Server is right for your organization, and you need a robust deployment–that’s when it’s time to sign up for Gluu Solo. And get your credit card out.

    Yes. You can upload images, css or customize the html pages to brand all pages in the Gluu Server: authentication, consent, error and any other pages that are presented to an end user.  By using Gluu Server interception scripts, you can customize the behavior of the server. Read the documentation to better understand what you can do with interception scripts.

    Monthly subscriptions will end at the end of a calendar month and annual subscriptions will terminate at the end of an annual term. We do not issue refunds for subscriptions, so make sure you really want that annual contract before you sign up!

    We commit to a 99.95% annual uptime which is roughly 4 hours of unplanned downtime per year. We will attempt to schedule any updates requiring server downtime outside of working hours as much as possible and will provide notice for any scheduled downtime in advance by notifying you. We cannot be held responsible for a downtime caused by configuration changes or the Google cloud service.

    At this time we cannot offer different versions of Gluu as we automate our updates. We will roll back for any unsuccessful updates and contact you.

    Today we have no plans to change our pricing, however, we are subject to hosting charges by Google. If our rates are increased, we will provide 90 days’ notice for our monthly and annual clients of a rate increase.

    Gluu is compatible with most common mobile authenticators like Google, Microsoft, Authy, and Free OTP, and also supports many other services

    Gluu’s login page is easily customizable and can be adapted to look like your website or embedded form.

    By default, all passwords are hashed using bcrypt as recommended by OWASP. Currently, bcrypt allows passwords of up to 64 characters in length.

    Most Gluu Server functionality is available in the Gluu web console. However, system-level customization and configuration may require using a shell to login into the server via tsh.

    We only offer hourly support for Gluu Solo.

    At the moment, no. We’re working toward ISO 27000 compliance in the future.

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