Rapidly Deploy Strong Digital Identity on the Cloud

Move your Gluu Server from VM to Cloud

With a cloud-hosted, “single-tenant” service your organization will have access to your own independent server and database–enabling 100% control over your instance, without the IT system “care and feeding” requirements of self-hosted services. You’ll even get SSH access to your server. 

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    Make the login process easier by leveraging biometrics, security tokens, and mobile devices. Using these techniques you can reduce the risk of stolen credentials and prevent phishing–the two most common ways hackers can get into your organization.

    Single Sign-On

    SSO is an important use case for employee productivity, and customer-facing user experience. With Gluu Solo, SSO is maintained simultaneously across OpenID and SAML websites. 

    Two-Factor Authentication

    Gluu Solo supports many 2FA mechanisms, like FIDO, OTP, SMS, smart card, Duo, and many more. Gluu Solo also offers a unique self-service portal called Casa, which enables end users to manage their 2FA credentials, much like they would do at Google.

    Social Login

    Built-in support for Google, Facebook, Microsoft Azure AD, Linkedin, Amazon, and Twitter.  With Gluu Solo, end-users can link and un-link social login identity providers.

    Configure SSO to SaaS Applications

    Supports all SaaS services that support open standards for identity.

    configured with google saas app
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with AWS
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with Cisco Webex
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with DropBox
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with GitHub
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with Microsoft 365
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with Moodle
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with RocketChat
    Gluu Server comes pre-configured with SAMLtest

    Pay for support only when you need it


    Implement custom business logic for authentication, authorization, and more in a way that is upgrade-proof and doesn’t require forking the Gluu Server code. Each type of script is described by a Java interface — i.e. which methods are required.


    Integrate SaaS and off-the-shelf applications. Presumably, the app already supports SAML or OpenID Connect and provides documentation for configuring your IDP (Gluu Server) for SSO.


    Most organizations will want to edit and customize the look and feel of public-facing Gluu Server pages to match their corporate branding. 

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