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Gluu Cloud is in Flight

Gluu Server in the Cloud with Casa

Love the freedom of open source digital identity, but don’t want the deployment hassle? Gluu Solo might be for you. With Gluu Solo, you get all the components of Gluu 4.  And the best part is, you don’t have to pay monthly per-user fees for hosted digital identity. You get your own dedicated server on Google’s cloud. And while Gluu provides the operations–deployment, backup, upgrade, monitoring–you just need to configure the user experience of which you have always dreamed for authentication and single sign-on.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to make configure the authentication workflow of your dreams. You can let the experts do the work for you through our new hourly support options–for Solo customers only.

And if one day you want to move to a self-hosted open source deployment, you have full control! There is no difference between Gluu Solo and Gluu Server 4 Community Edition. You can export the data directly from the database.

Unlike multi-tenant cloud services, with Gluu Solo, you get Unix shell access to your instance. That means you have direct access to the logs and other files. Gluu records all terminal sessions (so we always have a record of what happened). But with full system-level access, you can use the skills you already have today to implement the solution you need.

Out-of-the-box Gluu Solo supports many authentications flows: passwordless, FIDO 2, WebAuthn, OTP, SMS, and biometric. The sky is the limit: we can help you implement any business logic you can imagine–that’s flexibility!

Interested? Contact us about a 30-day free trial of Gluu Solo. Or if you’re ready, just sign up–your instance will be ready in minutes.