R.I.P. Cloud LDAP

The Janssen Project Takes on World’s Most Demanding Digital Trust Challenges at Linux Foundation

Gluu and BioID: Server-Side Biometric Authentication

Server-side Facial Authentication BioID is a server side biometric platform that uses face, voice and eye modalities and liveness detection. Organisations can self-host or use BioID’s hosted API as a service. BioID publishes client software for iOS, Android and Javascript. User presence is verified through a highly accurate and strongly secured liveness detection algorithm. In the […]

WWPass Login without Usernames and Passwords

WWPass Login without Usernames and Passwords Good security starts at the login screen. With the WWPass mobile app or token, users can easily log in to all their enabled applications without the need for inherently insecure username/password architectures. WWPass technology keeps application data and user identity information separate and hidden from all other applications, preserving both user […]