Whispeak and Gluu Launch New Strategic Partnership

Whispeak voice authentication integrated with Gluu 4. X server distribution to simplify the adoption of secure voice recognition biometric authentication.

 Lille, France — Whispeak, a voice biometrics-powered authentication system company, which provides frictionless and continuous authentication with voice biometrics, announces the launch of a new strategic partnership with identity and access management (IAM) software vendor Gluu, Inc.

Under this partnership, Whispeak provides leading standards-based secure authentication with Gluu’s open-source IAM platform, and Gluu gains the ability to offer Whispeak’s cutting-edge voice recognition API solution to the open-source community and its enterprise clientele.

“There is a need for a more frictionless secure identity assurance to ensure users can authenticate quickly and securely without burdening them with mobile tokens, devices, or imposing biometrics”. says Michael Schwartz, CEO. 

This is especially true for the Banking and Government / Citizen sectors that need to accommodate the underserved and often technically challenged public. Whispeak’s patented voice recognition provides high security, with low false positives speaking in any language, and adheres to strict European privacy regulations.

The Whispeak API allows you to enroll, authenticate, and identify someone using its voice. You can integrate Whispeak voice biometrics into all your devices, whether they are connected or not. Remove tedious passwords and simply authenticate using your voice with voice biometrics. The Whispeak adapter is included in the open-source Gluu Server distribution from version 4.4 and onward.

“On one hand, we have to remember more and more passwords to authenticate and they are more and more complicated as we are asked to make them stronger. On the other hand, we are getting quite used to speaking to our devices or intelligent software and they understand our voice commands very well but not precisely who is ordering them.
In any case, it makes sense to speak to prove who you are. This is what Whispeak is all about” – Florent Van Calster CSO & Co-founder – Whispeak.

About Gluu

Since 2009, organizations worldwide have trusted the Gluu platform for large-scale, high-security identity and access management (IAM). Gluu’s comprehensive open-source software provides industry-leading solutions for web and mobile single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA), and API access management. Built on open web standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and WebAuthn (i.e. FIDO), customers choose Gluu for performant, compliant, and modern authentication, authorization, federation, and hybrid cloud identity. For more information, or to get Gluu’s open-source distribution, visit https://www.gluu.org.

About Whispeak

Whispeak is a speech recognition software that makes it easy to add a biometric factor to authentication processes. Don’t choose between security and fluidity. With Whispeak, let your users and customers speak to prove who they are.

Thanks to our SaaS, on-premises, or embedded version, the solution can be easily deployed at all contact points and benefit from the widespread presence of microphones. The solution is natively GDPR compliant with total respect for the privacy of users. For more information, visit https://whispeak.io.

Press contact : Florent Van Calster – fvancalster@whispeak.io

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