How to use Gluu 4.X in Teleport

In this article we will be dealing with a use case where organizations want to use one source of truth, which is their IAM system.

Scaling your CIAM with Managed RDBMS for Resiliency

An important cloud native design principle is “Resiliency”. A resilient system embraces failure instead of trying to prevent it. A resilient database service that is sharded, replicated, and multi-region is hard to build.

Ideal API Security

API’s are ubiquitous, so you’d think how to secure them is an established practice–except it’s not. The goal of this blog is to lay out how Gluu thinks about API security at a high level, in particular, how to use OAuth scopes to secure endpoints.

Gluu 2022 Open Source Strategy

Since we started Gluu in 2009, the mission has not changed: to build a business that supports the development of an open source identity and access platform. Fundamentally, we believe that a strong business model drives long term innovation.