The Ten Buts of Govstack’s Identity Building Block

Each Govstack specification offers a blueprint of a digital service landscape. Assuming you think this is possible, among the various Govstack specs, the most important is the GovStack Identity Building Block specification– because most governments that participate in the 50-in-5initiative will start their digital public infrastructure projects with “identity”. But the Govstack identity initiative is […]

Gluu Flex Roadmap

As Flex is a commercial distribution of the Janssen Project, check the Janssen Nightly Build changelog and issues. You can also check the Nightly Build changelog for the Admin UI. Gluu 4 is considered a stable release–meaning no major features are planned.

Detachable IDP: Keycloak for wandering workgroups

Detachable IDP: Keycloak for wandering workgroups by Michael Schwartz, CEO of Gluu What’s great about Keycloak is that it’s an “all in one container” that has SAML, OpenID and even some old school web access management features, like Realms and RBAC policies. It also has a small memory footprint because it uses the minimalistic Quarkus […]

Roadmap for KeyCloak integration in Janssen Project and Gluu Flex

Keycloak, Janssen, Gluu: integration roadmap by Michael Schwartz, CEO of Gluu The recent announcement that Keycloak is joining the CNCF as an incubating project was welcome news!!! It resolved two important questions. How would Red Hat transfer governance of the project? Who owns the Keycloak trademark? Consequently, Gluu is working to integrate Keycloak into both the Janssen […]