How to Stop Phishing Attacks with Gluu Casa

You know passwords are terrible.  And you also know that some users will always click on those phishing emails, especially if it looks like it comes from your company!

Maybe if you have low value transactions, who cares. Or maybe your customers are willing to take the risk.

But if you have customers who do care, there is a way you can help them help themselves. It’s name is FIDO, and it’s not a dog. It’s a new phishing-resistant authentication technology.

The reason it’s phishing resistant is because it can’t be proxied by a man-in-the-middle (MITM), an attack, which is used very effectively to trick users to enter their passwords in the hacker’s site. In fact, even OTP tokens, SMS messages, or mobile push notifications won’t protect them from an MITM attack.

Authentication is the front door to your organization. If you get it wrong, it will inhibit your ability to roll-out new services. But, If you get it right, it will help you fend off impending attacks.

Bring your organization into the future with passwordless authentication. New standards like the W3C Web Authentication API (WebAuthN) and Fast Identity Online (FIDO) are enabling passwordless authentication across platforms.

With Casa passwordless authentication you can make the login process easier by leveraging biometrics, security tokens, and mobile devices. Using these techniques, you can reduce the risk of stolen credentials and prevent phishing–the two most common ways hackers can get into your organization.