Gluu and Midships Announce Partnership

Gluu and Midships announce partnership to offer hosted digital identity on any cloud. 

Austin, Texas, May 20, 2021 – Gluu, a leading digital identity software vendor, and Midships, a UK-based cloud solutions company, are proud to announce a new partnership today to launch a hosted digital identity service that supports traditional or passwordless authentication. This new SaaS offering will enable large enterprise organizations to improve their security posture without sacrificing control over the personal data they hold in trust for customers, partners or employees. Midships’ Environment Build Accelerator provides the tools, scripts and templates to enable organizations to define and deploy environments using popular cloud platforms like AWS, GCP, Azure, and Ali Cloud. This enables enterprise organizations the ease of installing the Gluu Server from a single click to a production ready, highly available deployment in less than 20 minutes. “We will strive to be the first choice for organisations who want an alternative to multi-tenant hosted cloud identity offerings like Okta,” said Folkert Postma, Co-Founder & CEO at Midships. “While multi-tenant cloud identity solutions are very convenient, there is a security and privacy advantage to the Midships/Gluu offering, which enables enterprises to control their data in a private silo.” Midships is offering two Gluu Server products: the first is a “Gluu Build Accelerator” for companies that want to build a digital identity service in their own cloud; the second is a “Gluu Managed Service”, for companies who want a turnkey hosted service. “Simplified deployment options and managed services for the Gluu Server in collaboration with Midships is an attractive option for Gluu’s customers, who are looking to minimize the care and feeding of IT systems. We believe Midships can accelerate our customers time-to-market and reduce their operating costs over the lifetime of the identity service,” said Mike Schwartz Founder/CEO of Gluu. “If you want a Gluu Server, and you want someone else to manage it, Midships can now do that in your cloud or theirs.” For more information, visit the Midships website https://midships.io or the Gluu website https://gluu.org

About Gluu

Since 2009, organizations worldwide have trusted Gluu for large-scale, high-security identity and access management (IAM). Gluu’s comprehensive open-source platform provides industry-leading solutions for web and mobile single sign-on (SSO), two-factor authentication (2FA), and API access management. Built on open web standards like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, and WebAuthn (FIDO), customers choose Gluu for performant, compliant and modern authentication, authorization, federation and hybrid cloud identity.

About Midships

Founded in 2018, Midships is an innovative and product focused cloud services company.  Midships Accelerators enable our customers to deploy and operate services on the cloud faster and more securely.  Midships supports all major Cloud Platforms including GCP, AWS, Oracle, Azure and AliCloud.
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