Gluu Flex Roadmap

As Flex is a commercial distribution of the Janssen Project, check the Janssen Nightly Build changelog and issues. You can also check the Nightly Build changelog for the Admin UI.  Gluu 4 is considered a stable release–meaning no major features are planned.

Gluu Flex – Q3 2023

  • New endpoint for “OAuth 2.0 for First-Party Native Applications” draft
  • Support for new parameter for “Use of Attestation in OAuth2 Dynamic Client Registration” draft
  • New component: Jans Link Syncronization Server (LDAP or Keycloak as identity source)
  • New Component: Keycloak SAML IDP
  • Ecommerce SMB License for 1600 MAU or less
  • Support for FIPS profile using Jans RHEL 8

Gluu 4 – Q3 2023

  • Bug fixes for oxTrust Admin UI update
  • MAU report in oxTrust

Gluu Flex – Q4 2023

  •  Bi-directional Keycloak Syncronization
  •  Support for one-time use SSA statements
  • Support “Grant Management for OAuth 2.0” draft

Gluu 4 – Q4 2023

  • No new features planned