Ready to deploy cloud-based IAM architecture?

Is your organization ready to deploy and operate a cloud-based identity and access management (IAM) architecture?

Gluu Cloud services can help mitigate challenges and help you build the right strategy and architecture for your unique requirements, understand the various user needs, and identify which capabilities are best left on-premises or delivered in the cloud.

Cloud-delivered functionality becomes an attractive way to complement or even replace legacy IAM functionality that is weighed down by the cost of additional rework, which can create significant challenges associated with moving to a cloud IAM solution, especially for larger organizations with complex operations.

Adapting to a new IAM platform with room for customization will make it the right solution for your organization. Gluu has the customization your organization will need to design, deploy and operate a cloud-based solution alongside its existing architecture, in a hybrid manner.

Some IAM providers claim that they have a hybrid offering. However, their cloud and on-prem offerings are very different products. This means that in order to cover your on-prem, cloud, and as-a-service environments you would need to spend precious resources and time learning two or more products. You’d also have to run and maintain two different solutions, which can lead to less-than-ideal user experiences.

With a hybrid IAM platform like Gluu, your organization can run, unify, and secure all digital identities across hybrid IT and hybrid cloud. Gluu Cloud can help eliminate identity silos across mixed environments, which is critical to improve security posture, while maintaining a positive user experience.

  • Flexibility to adapt to on-prem and cloud business processes.
  • No impact to business-critical on-prem applications during IAM modernization.
  • Seamless transition to cloud without disruption.

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