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Gluu Flex

Gluu Flex is our flagship product, a commercial Identity Provider with an open source core. Flex includes all the components found in the Linux Foundation Janssen Project, plus the Flex Admin UI, a web interface that provides extra reporting and enterprise management tools.

With Gluu Flex, you get all the transarency of open source but the support and assurances of a commercial distribution.

Common use cases include:

Gluu 4

This is the original “Gluu Server”, and will be supported by Gluu until 2030. It’s proven solution used by enterprises who want to operate either a consumer or workforce facing federated identity provider (IDP).
Common use cases include:

Want to try Flex for 30 Days?

Enroll and you’ll be free to try Gluu Flex for one month. The maximum number of active users during the trial period is 5,000. You can activate your subscription at any time to increase your capacity.