Self-Service Account Security with Gluu Casa

Self-Service Account Security with Gluu Casa To improve the usability of two-factor authentication (2FA), organizations need to offer people self-service tools.  That’s why we’ve introduced Casa. As people interact with an organization’s digital services, from time to time they may need to manage and update their security preferences. For example, if a user’s account is secured with […]

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The Janssen Project Takes on World’s Most Demanding Digital Trust Challenges at Linux Foundation

Quickly Build PSD2 Compliance

Quickly Build PSD2 Compliance Gluu Server is certified to conform with the Financial Grade OpenID Provider(FAPI) profile. Called “FAPI” for short, this profile provides detailed requirements for the security features needed to perform payments. And Gluu is the only OpenID Connect Provider to be current in all OpenID Connect certifications. Organizations can use OpenID Connect for both […]