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Logout from Gluu Server#

OpenID Connect Single Log Out (SLO)#

The Gluu Server uses OpenID Connect to end sessions for logout. Usually a logout link is provided to the connected SP and the session is killed inside the IDP.

When using OpenID Connect Logout, it is recommeneded to use Front-Channel Logout. In Front-Channel Logout the browser receives a page with a list of application logout urls within an iframe. This prompts the browser to call each applicaiton logout individually and the OpenID Connect end-session endpoint via Javascript.

The workflow for single logout for two applications using OpenID Connect Front-Channel Logout would be the following:

  1. App-A - registers frontchannel_logout_uri_1
  2. App-B - registers frontchannel_logout_uri_2
  3. App-A - login to the Authorization Server (AS), in this case the Gluu Server.
  4. App-B - login to AS (SSO)
  5. App-A - calls /end_session
  6. AS - returns back HTML with iframes where each iframe points to all frontchannel_logout_uris within this session, in our case it is frontchannel_logout_uri_1 and frontchannel_logout_uri_2
  7. Browser loads HTML (with all iframes, so it calls frontchannel_logout_uri_1 and frontchannel_logout_uri_2)
  8. App-A does not know anything about frontchannel_logout_uri_2, it just calls /end_session endpoint and it's the responsibility of the AS to track it and return the correct HTML page with iframes (once iframe is loaded, it means that frontchannel_logout_uri_2 is called and app-B must log itself out).

Read the OpenID Connect Front-Channel Logout Specifications to learn more about logout with OpenID Connect.

SAML Logout#

The Shibboleth IDP (which is included in the Gluu Server) does not support single logout in any meaningful sense. Take a look at the Shibboleth wiki for more information.

To initiate SAML logout, the SP must call the Gluu Server's SAML logout URI, which can be found at: https://<hostname>/idp/logout.jsp. Calling this URL kills the session inside the Gluu Server IDP. The SP must also initiate a session-killing operation, or can implement Force Re-Authentication as well.

Customizing Logout#

It is possible to use a custom authentication script to call individual logout methods for both SAML and OpenID Connect and log out of the desired SP/RPs when the user logs out of the Gluu Server. Please see the Custom Script Guide to start writing your own custom scripts.