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Setup Script Options

Setup Prompt#

The script will bring up a prompt to provide information for certificate as well as the IP Address and the hostname for the Gluu Server. The prompt with example values is proided below.

If a resolvable DNS host is not used, then it must be added to the hostname of the Operating System hosts file on the server running the browser.


Please remove or encrypt the file as it contains the clear text passwords for LDAP, admin user, keystores, and 3DES salt.

The errors can be found the the setup_errors.log file and a detailed step by step installation is found in the setup.log file under the /install/community-edition-setup folder.


Use a FQDN (fully qualified domain name) as hostname and refrain from using as IP address or usage of private IP is not supported and not recommended.

Script Command Line Options#

The script can be used to configure your Gluu Server and to add initial data for oxAuth and oxTrust to start. If is found in this folder, these properties will automatically be used instead of the interactive setup.

The administrator can use the following command line options to include additional components:

  • -a install Asimba
  • -c install CAS
  • -d specify the directory where community-edition-setup is located. Defaults to '.'
  • -f specify file
  • -h invoke this help
  • -l install LDAP
  • -n no interactive prompt before install starts. Run with -f
  • -N no Apache httpd server
  • -s install the Shibboleth IDP
  • -u update hosts file with IP address/hostname
  • -w get the development head war files

Example Command: # ./ -cas This command will install Gluu Server with CAS, Asimba and Shibboleth IDP.