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Here is how you can check which version of the Gluu Server you are using:#

  1. SSH into VM
  2. Log into Gluu-Server container.

    a. Using below command

    # service gluu-server-3.1.0 login

  3. To find oxTrust version

    # cat /opt/jetty-9.3/temp/jetty-localhost-8082-identity.war-_identity-any-8734901518752897483.dir/webapp/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

  4. oxAuth version can be found using below command

    # cat /opt/jetty-9.3/temp/jetty-localhost-8081-oxauth.war-_oxauth-any-6134601069165491713.dir/webapp/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF

Another simplest way to find out the Gluu Server installed or upgraded version can be found on the top the oxTrust Admin UI.

Gluu Version

Versions of other apps like idp, asimba and oxauth-rp, can be found or viewed in the same directory. These app can be identified with the port number after the localhost.