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Change IP Address of existing Gluu CE Server#

Question: What if my IP changes? Do I need to reinstall whole Gluu Server?

Answer: No. Here is how you can apply new IP in Gluu Server 3.1.0

  • Start container
  • Log into Gluu Server container
  • Configuration in apache2:
    • https_gluu.conf (location: /etc/apache2/sites-available )
    • Apply new IP by replacing old one
    • Restart apache2

!!!Note: For centos and redhat systems, https_gluu.conf will be in the location /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

`service httpd stop`

`service httpd start`
  • Configuration in ldap: (open LDAP in LDAP editor/browser)
    • Change 'gluuIpAddress'. It's under root ou=appliance DN
  • Change IP address in /etc/hosts file
  • Restart 'solserver'

    service solserver stop

    service solserver start

  • Restart apache2

    service httpd restart

  • Restart idp ( If you have Shibboleth installed )

  • Restart identity

    service identity stop

    service identity start

  • Restart oxauth

    service oxauth stop

    service oxauth start

  • Test