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Gluu Server components have cryptographic keys and X.509 certificates that are stored inside the chroot. The details of the certificates are given below according to each component. The certificates are available in the /etc/certs folder.

asimba.crt shibIDP.crt httpd.crt openldap.crt
asimba.csr shibIDP.csr https.csr openldap.csr
asimba.key shibIDP.jks httpd.key openldap.key
asimba.key.orig shibIDP.key httpd.key.orig openldap.key.orig
asimba.pkcs12 shibIDP.key.orig openldap.pem
asimbaIDP.jks shibIDP.pkcs

The certificates for Passport authenticaiton are passport-rp.jks, passport-rp.pem, passport-rs.jks. The SCIM certificate is named scim-rs.jks and the OTP certificate is named otp_configuration.json.

Additionally the following json files are avaibale which are used in different custom scripts for multi-factor authentication.

  • cert_creds.json
  • duo_creds.json
  • gplus_client_secrets.json
  • otp_configuration.json
  • oxauth-keys.json
  • super_gluu_creds.json

Updating Apache Certificate#

The certificates must be manually updated from the /etc/certs/ folder.

There are many tools that can be used to update and renew certificates. By default Gluu uses OpenSSL. If you have questions about using other tools, like Let'sEncrypt, check the Gluu support portal for existing threads. If there is no existing information, sign up and open a ticket.


The private key cannot be password protected, and the public key must be base64 X.509.


Please backup your full /etc/certs directory and cacerts file under /opt/jdkx.y.z/jre/lib/security/ folder before updating certificates.

Please follow these steps shown below to update the Apache SSL cert:

  • Save the latest SSL httpd key and certificate in the /etc/certs folder
  • Rename them to httpd.key and httpd.crt respectively
  • Import 'httpd.der' into the java keystore / Convertion to DER, command:
    openssl x509 -outform der -in httpd.crt -out httpd.der
    • Delete the existing certificate to avoid replication and issues after importing the certificates keytool -delete -alias <hostname_of_your_Gluu_Server>_httpd -keystore cacerts
    • Import certificate in to Java Keystore(cacerts):
      keytool -importcert -file httpd.der -keystore cacerts -alias <hostname_of_your_Gluu_Server>_httpd
  • Restart LDAP server, apache2/httpd and Identity Services.
    service solserver stop
    service apache2/httpd stop
    service oxauth stop
    service identity stop
    service solserver start
    service apache2/httpd start
    service oxauth start
    service identity start

Install Intermediate Certificates#

Please follow the steps below to install intermediate certificates:

  1. Log into your Gluu Server container.
  2. Keep your intermediate certificate in the file /etc/certs/.
  3. Modify /etc/apache2/sites-available/https_gluu.conf, and add
    SSLCertificateChainFile /etc/certs/name_of_your_interm_root_cert.crt.
  4. Restart the service of the httpd server.

!!!Note: For centos and redhat systems, https_gluu.conf will be in the location /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf