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Release Notes#


This document, also known as the Gluu Release Note, relates to the Gluu Server Release versioned 4.5. The work is licensed under “The Apache 2.0 License” allowing the use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sub-license and sale without limitation and liability. This document extends only to the aforementioned release version in the heading.



The document is released with the Version 4.5 of the Gluu Software. The purpose of this document is to provide the changes made/new features included in this release of the Gluu Software. The list is not exhaustive and there might be some omission of negligible issues, but the noteworthy features, enhancements and fixes are covered.


The Gluu Server is a free open source identity and access management (IAM) platform. The Gluu Server is a container distribution composed of software written by Gluu and incorporated from other open source projects.

The most common use cases for the Gluu Server include single sign-on (SSO), mobile authentication, API access management, two-factor authentication, customer identity and access management (CIAM) and identity federation.


Please visit the Gluu Documentation Page for the complete documentation and administrative guide.

Available components in Gluu Server 4.5#

  • oxAuth, oxTrust, oxCore v4.5
  • Gluu OpenDJ v4.4.11 (with Bouncy Castle FIPS 140-2 crypto package and Bouncy Castle Java APIs for the TLS 1.0.9)
  • Shibboleth v4.3.1
  • Passport v4.1
  • Java v1.8.0_112
  • Node.js v9.9.0
  • Jetty-distribution-9.4.12.v20180830
  • Jython v2.7.2a
  • Weld 3.0.0
  • FluentD 3.5
  • Redis

4.5.3 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • #1859 fix(stat-exporter): if run stat exporter against jans-auth-server it is trying to connect to wrong endpoint and fail
  • #1878 fix(stat-exporter): stat exporter can't run against jans-auth-server
  • #1879 fix(oxauth): re-authentication doesn't happen for OIDC authz request with the higher "level" acr requested anymore
  • #1880 fix(oxauth): client secret printed on logs
  • #1883 feat: implement Saml router script
  • #1861 fix(oxauth) : add exclusion to authentication filter for "/token" and "public client" when PKCE is used
  • #1867 Unable to add multiple case sensitive redirect URI
  • #1869 fix(oxauth): cnf introspection response is null even when valid cert is send during MTLS #6343 #1868


  • #2371 feat: Add Search Field for Scopes Selection in OpenID Client


  • #265 fix: error while enrolling OTP

4.5.2 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • #1849 Explicit user consent is required when up-scope within client authorized scopes 
  • #1850 create MAU exporter
  • #1853 scopes are missed in grant_type=refresh_token AS must take scopes from previous grant
  • #1857 state is not always returned on redirect from /end_session endpoint
  • #1862 added client_id parameter support to /end_session


  • #2346 Added MAU Report to oxTrust


  • #996 Make jans_stat a default oauth scope

4.5.1 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • #1849 Explicit user consent is required when up-scope within client authorized scopes 
  • #1365 Login Page blank value error message is not user friendly
  • #1838 Failed to initialize resteasy proxy from script at server startup
  • #1774 Make not found exception logging level configurable
  • #1830 Upgrade nimbus
  • #1828 Unnecessary "session not found" error messages during refresh token flow
  • #1826 Upgrade dependencies
  • #1827 Jettison 1.5.2 -> 1.5.4 
  • #1728 Introduce new UpdateToken methods in oxauth which exist in jans
  • #1825 Introduce new UpdateToken methods
  • #1818 We should strive to let RP handle error instead of showing Ooops page
  • #1820 Apply  client WhiteList  when session is valid (allowPostLogoutRedirectWithoutValidation=true )
  • #1821 Corrected post_logout_redirect_uri validation
  • #1812 oxAuth still searches custom script using it's acr_value while it should be its inum
  • #1805 oxAuth seems to drop parts of url query string when comparing redirect_uri during request authorization
  • #1660 Login page doesn't display the correct localized characters
  • #1747 Do not log WebApplicationException as error since it's expected behavior


  • #2343 Password reset page showing success even when passwords mismatching
  • #2311 User self-registration page doesn't seem to enforce custom validation rules for attributes
  • #2307 Reset password page error handling / Strong password policy
  • #2310 Regex pattern validation on Password attributes causes error when creating user
  • #2321 oxTrust won't allow to set several postlogout redirect uris for OIDC client
  • #2295 It's hard to browse list of OIDC scopes when configuring client's properties, it's cluttered too much and not organized enough
  • #2320 oxTrust won't allow for multiple acrs set as "Default ACR value" for OIDC client

4.5 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • #25 Add PostgreSQL support
  • #24 update to conform Couchbase SDK 3.x


  • #1748 Duplicate iss and aud on introspection as jwt
  • #1760 add ability to return error out of introspection and update_token custom script
  • #1763 end session - if id_token is expired but signature is correct, look up session by sid claim
  • #1758 log WebApplicationException in debug log level
  • #1735 add convenient idTokenLifetime client property
  • #1733 PKCE parameters from first SSO request retains in futher calls
  • #1730 do not unauthenticate session on prompt=login if there was no at least 1 successful redirect to rp
  • #1727 fixed request file method failure
  • #1725 SpontaneousScopeHttpTest fails during build
  • #1723 fix NPE in JwtAuthorizationRequest
  • #1721 allow end session with expired id_token_hint (by checking signature and aud/sid)
  • #1714 allow authentication for max_age=0
  • #1705 Auth Server JSON config for allowSpontaneousScopes
  • #1701 CIBA has hardcoded false for includeIdTokenClaims
  • #1537 add custom script method to get device registration token.


  • #2282 Not possible to add a deep link as redirect_uri
  • #2262 oxTrust with 100+ SAML trust relationships
  • #2209 Cache refresh should remove persons sub entries on removal
  • #2225 Remove files in /var/gluu/identity/removed
  • #1704 Support SAML MDQ as alternative to downloading federation metadata
  • #2226 make languages configurable in properties
  • #2176 remove deprecated caCertsLocation, caCertsPassphrase properties


  • #961 Gluu radius post installation failed when the backend is spanner.
  • #950 Apply persistence update to all CE projects to conform jetty 10
  • #946 Incorrect JDBC driver class in SAML IDP [postgresql]
  • #937 Install CB/Spanner DB libraries from separated archive


  • #155 No attributes released in saml sso.


  • #47 include the name of problematic attribute part of extension in the error response

4.4.1 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • fix: setup removal notice
  • fix: remove cache refresh files on uninstall
  • feat: generating of keystore for signing emails has been refactored
  • feat: support of sending signed emails has been added
  • feat: definition of signing algorithm has been added
  • fix: unnecessary .encode('utf-8') has been removed
  • fix: fix repository URL
  • fix: oxd for cluster
  • fix: gcs path
  • feat: added localhost to requestUriBlackList
  • feat: set auth mode and enable scripts by
  • feat: options -ox-trust-authentication-mode -ox-authentication-mode -enable-script
  • #874 fix: cacert path in oxtrust config
  • #872 Skip not required SQL tables creation
  • fix: fido external files
  • #870 fix: multivalued attributes of eduPerson


  • feat: support of sending signed emails has been added;
  • chore(oxauth): renamed requestUriBlackList -> requestUriBlockList
  • feat(oxauth): added restriction for request_uri parameter (blacklist/allowed list)
  • #1682 chore: Upgrade crypto-js to 4.1.1 version
  • feat: add sample script for multi auth conf which uses Gluu LDAP auth confs
  • feat: add methods to simplify getting auth manager configurations
  • chore: force to use latest OWASP html-sanitizer


  • feat: oxcore issue 223 display DB option on ui
  • feat: sending of emails has been added (for bcprov and bc-fips);
  • fix: remove blue strip for the message.
  • fix: disabled multivalued check box for mysql db
  • fix: added onelogin saml lib and removed those classes
  • fix: removed unused attributes
  • feat: added organization details in saml metadata format
  • feat: added functionality to create metadata by filling form
  • fix: add dynamic script in openid scopes.
  • fix: import attribute in mysql db
  • feat: usage smtpconnectprotectiontype has been updated;
  • feat: entering of keystore parameters has been added in interface;
  • feat: added saml apis
  • fix : removed sesssionDEnabled attributes


  • fix: fix for display name
  • feat: sending of emails has been updated (for bcprov and bc-fips);
  • feat: add DB documentstore provider
  • feat: sending signed emails has been added;
  • feat: updating smtp configuring has been added;
  • feat: add method for saml api

4.4.0 Fixes / Enhancements#

  • Numerous bug fixes to fully support MySQL in VM-based deployments


  • #1518 Switching to DUO Universal Prompt (newer UI version) from the older authentication prompt

  • #1587 feat: add ability to specify key length for KeyGenerator

  • #1631 Enable Casa Script to Support External LDAP Authentication Source


  • #129 Update resteasy libraries to latest 4.5.x version

  • #130 Update log4j-over-slf4j to 1.7.36

4.3.1 Fixes / Enhancements#

- Updated log4j to version 2.17 in all services


  • #1584 Update to RestEasy 4

  • #1570 Enhance casa login page and its derivations when the browser saves credentials

  • #1448 passport_saml and passport_social produces script error after reloading script

  • #900 Remove sessionIdEnabled Property


  • #2082 Password reset success completion redirection


  • #288 saml-passport upgraded to version 3.1.2

4.3.0 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • #1545 Oxauth-rp service unable to start after fresh installation of 4.3.0

  • #1544 Openmetric request fail with label as digits only

  • #1538 MAU: discrepancy of hll cardinality before and after serialization

  • #1536 feat(new-acr-link): create script to replace acr_values in authz url

  • #1534 forgot_password script not updated according other oxauth changes

  • #1533 Add JSON Property to release id_token for password grant

  • #1528 There is no automatic expiration of UMA permissions/pct/rpt/etc with Couchbase

  • #1526 Retain claim in access token after refreshing

  • #1525 Whitelist encryption and signing algorithms in JWKS

  • #1523 New interceptions script to modify id_token

  • #1517 Avoid NPE in User Info Endpoint (caused by scope removing)

  • #1321 Add live metric endpoints to oxAuth


  • #2085 Enhance usability of scopes picker in client edition form

  • #2084 Updating client id in passport IDP-initiated flow config throws Oops error.

  • #2081 Oops error on clicking Other custom Scripts

  • #2078 Update morris.js library to latest

  • #2075 "Organization Configuration" throwing error

  • #2074 Fill correct provider options as per type in Passport Provider Configuration

  • #2073 SAML NameID configuration is not working in Cloud Edition

  • #2072 Cache Refresh not working on 4.3.0 version.

  • #2070 Attribute Form: Enable custom validation checked by default (incorrectly)

  • #2069 Add Person Form Crashes with New Objectclass

  • #2066 Update cleaner job to use more effective RDBS methods

  • #2065 Don't update GluuConfiguration bean attributes in get method

  • #2061 oxTrust is crashed when a search with a broad criteria is executed using User search feature against a big enough user database

  • #2055 Cache Refresh: Don't print ldap password in log

  • #2054 Email Attribute Validation Not working on View Profile Section

  • #2052 Design configuration for openid-client new passport provider strategy

  • #2051 Setting custom acr-value for IDP-Initiated Flow

  • #2043 Remove 'Generate SP metadata' feature

  • #1985 Missing popup when clicking SP Metadata File link


  • #313 Bug: getRPT. Failed to get RPT token in Gluu 4.3.0

  • #291 Passport social not recognizing any external identity provider (google, facebook etc ).

  • #242 Sign In with Apple fails after multiple successive logins

  • #241 R&D on openid-client provider configuration without requesting to discovery endpoint

  • #239 ci(husky): update husky

  • #213 Upgrade node allowed versions to allow latest LTS

  • #210 build(deps-dev): bump husky from 4.3.8 to 5.0.9

  • #206 Replace passport-openidconnect with openid-client

  • #205 Update uma.js to use got lib and remove request

  • #187 Passing non-user attributes from idp provider to OP (custom_data)


  • #93 Code migration to Shibboleth IDP 4.1.4

4.2.2 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • #1503 sector_identifier has to be based on host only. Also optimize redirect_uri's validation based on sector_identifier_uri

  • #1514 Persistence extension script still running after disabled

  • #1502 Introduce revoke interception script

  • #1506 Modify the claims-gathering script so that it first tries to read claims from PCT before directing to the page to enter claims

  • #1508 Fix PasswordValidator faces validator dependend beans injection after JSF update to 2.3.x

  • #1505 BUG : NPE during backchannel logout if grant object was not identified

  • #1493 id_token is missed during 2 concurrent calls for ROPC

  • #1472 Error "oxTrust wasn't allowed to access user data" shown

  • #1504 BUG : PostAuthentication script calls re-authentication instead of re-authorization.

  • #1478 Avoid race condition during saving grant object in cache

  • #1496 Add configuration property to allow switch off forcing prompt consent for offline access

  • #1497 Add a new claim to the id_token: "grant": "password"

  • #1499 Introspection endpoint not returning scopes as json string

  • #1491 Return sub value for ROPC based on openidSubAttribute.

  • #949 Add support for nested JWE tokens

  • #1488 Return custom attributes specified in dynamicRegistrationCustomAttributes in client registration response

  • #1486 invalidateSessionCookiesAfterAuthorizationFlow is broken in 4.2.1

  • #1494 If there are more then one key for same alg and use then take key by èxp with configurable strategy

  • #1492 Bug : ROPC - refresh token is not returned with forceOfflineAccessScopeToEnableRefreshToken=true and offline_access scope

  • #1460 oxAuth reloads custom scripts (file method)

  • #1487 .well-known/openid-configuration has to be cached (no DB) on configurable amount of time (5min by default)

  • #1485 session_id should not be included into response if it's not explicitly allowed.

  • #1483 fix: update jwt date check function in passport scripts

  • #1480 Refresh token removing doesn't look up in persistence (4.x).

  • #1476 DuplicateEntryException: Entry already exists when using Consent Gathering script


  • #2046 "The request is missing a required parameter" error obtained in flow 3

  • #2027 Passport Config: field mapping dropdown

  • #2028 Add Local Authentication for oxTrust

  • #2045 Use oxAuth configuration to check if application should render login graph on home page

  • #2044 Remove sector_identifier_uri menu with dialogs and provide ability to enter it as text with automatic population of redirect_uris

  • #2041 On oxtrust passport provider, the automatically generated callback url is invalid when using containers

  • #2040 Prevent registration of the attribute with the same name

  • #2033 oxTrust should use acr level to check acr instead of acr_name


-#204 Fix method to update log level

-#206 Metric Service clean all entries when DB is Couchbase

-#207 Destroy CouchbaseEnvironment object on container restart


-#723 The jar file bcpkix-jdk15on-1.54.jar missing at /opt/oxd-server/lib/ (inside Gluu Chroot)

-#720 Improve messages during oxd installation

-#719 Write post setup strings to setup.log


-#78 Add new endpoint /idp/health-check to allow cluster check IDP it status

4.2.1 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • #1468 Avoid redundant session load on removeOutdatedCurrentSessions if session id was changed (due to changeSessionIdOnAuthentication=true)

  • #1467 Not able to complete idp-initiated flow due session id / cookies issue

  • #1466 oxAuth tries to find session entry which led to exception

  • #1459 Remove log noise from passport-saml

  • #1461 JWKS published invalid key for "crv" : "P-521"

  • #1456 redirect_uri must be re-validated at authorize auction and on error redirect

  • #1443 Update passport scripts to store oxExternalUid as multivalued

  • #1458 Add clear sid support

  • #1455 Misleading WARNING message on non-expired key

  • #1447 If software_statement is present in dynamic registration request, plain claims are lost

  • #1449 Do not extend refresh token lifetime on refresh token rotation

  • #1446 acr and amr (auth_level) claims are missed in id_token if does not specify acr_values parameter explicitly in authorization request

  • #1444 Dynamic Registration: fix software_statement validation behavior

  • #1445 Use CustomObjectAttribute instead of CustomAttribute in user services to use JSON data types

  • #1442 Update methods to store oxExternalUid as multivalued by default

  • #1130 Restrict scopes in dynamic registration request for clients with password grant

  • #1438 Add unique identifier for each metric entry to allow to find which node added that record

  • #1437 Add option to not return new refresh token on refreshing token at Token Endpoint

  • #1435 Authentication counter metrics is doubled with default authentication method

  • #1436 Store issued tokens count metrics

  • #1422 oxAuth generates backchannel logout tokens for wrong client

  • #1432 Add configuration option to put session in cache (performance)

  • #1430 Support hash fragment validation for request_uri (required by some new conformance tests)

  • #1428 Reduce number of session queries to DB (Performance)

  • #1424 Performance: switch Client Authorization from querying to getting by key

  • #1418 Keys are not reloaded automatically from keystore file. Full oxauth restart is required.

  • #1420 Performance: we have a lot of requests to ClientTokens cache key which doesn't make sense for NATIVE cache

  • #1419 Bug: select account functionality is broken


  • #2029 Error Viewing InCommon Metadata

  • #2025 CR copy binary attributes to local LDAP as base64 string

  • #2016 oxTrust should not rely on configuration endpoint for scopes

  • #2020 Bug: GUI allows to persist redirect_uri with fragment

  • #2017 U2F enrollments not shown in User's Authentication Methods panel

  • #2018 Visual issues on OIDC client advanced settings page

  • #2015 Change label / values for Scope visibility

  • #2012 Injection: Cross-site scripting

  • #2010 Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities: Outdated jQuery Library Version

  • #2009 Bump Jython version

  • #2003 There are two save buttons in json configuration

  • #2002 Not able to delete claims redirect uri for any client


  • #713 offline_access scope should be created during setup

  • #709 Update Casa scripts to store and retrieve oxExternalUid as multivalued

  • #708 Add index for multivalued oxExternalUid

  • #707 CB: Store sessions in new bucket gluu_session

  • #703 Don't specify MaxMetaspaceSize java option

4.2.0 Fixes / Enhancements#


  • #1410 Failed to start redisProvider

  • #1408 BUG : Introspection script is not identified by client which was used during obtaining access_token

  • #1406 oxauth slows down in 4 times when CIBA is turned on.

  • #1397 Add 'RPT Claims' script to add/modify RPT claims.

  • #1396 Add support to use any client authentication for revoke token endpoint (currently it works only with basic client authentication)

  • #1391 oxAuth fail to prepare JMS

  • #1385 Check and possibly remove oxInvolvedClients attribute from session

  • #1379 Correct security alert in test depedency

  • #1373 Fido to Fido2 enrollment migration

  • #1371 Add property to allow keep authenticator parameters on ACR change

  • #1370 Control visibility of OAuth Scopes in configuration endpoint

  • #1362 NotImplementedError in oxauth_script.log for person authentication scripts

  • #1361 CIBA: Return an expired_token error when the auth_req_id has expired

  • #1358 Security: Block "none" and not signed tokens

  • #1356 Instead of redirect from authorize.htm to login.htm render login.htm page

  • #1354 Associate consent script with client.

  • #1353 Session : interception script should be informed about state change and when session ended by expiration

  • #1350 OPENID Connect : Request for Permission page only shown on second login attempt after 40s interval.

  • #1344 We should not return reason field in error response because it expose too much information outside

  • #1342 CIBA: QA doc

  • #1341 Front channel logout fails to logout all session participants after a re-authentication

  • #1335 AuthenticationService.authenticate(String, String) throws exception if password is wrong

  • #1327 CIBA: Securely store configuration keys.

  • #1326 Add support to store session in htmlLocalStorage as an alternative to cookies

  • #1325 Remove sub from Userinfo response for password grant clients

  • #1319 CIBA: Load FCM config values from database configuration

  • #1316 CIBA: Conformance Testing for FAPI-CIBA

  • #1315 CIBA: Interception script for User Notification

  • #1311 end_session : return error in post_logout_redirect_uri (configurable)

  • #1309 Authorization header: "Bearer" should not be case sensitive

  • #1308 Add oxAuth JSON properties to set logging format

  • #1306 Mitigate replay of modified JWT from Passport-JS

  • #1302 Blocker for RP conformance test : response_types during registration must be array of space separated string

  • #1300 Use exp instead of oxAuthExpiration all over the code

  • #1299 keyRegenerationInterval does not work if value is more then 595 (due to type overflow?)

  • #1298 Fido2: Add option to not fail on device attestation which not have registerd metadata

  • #1297 Password-less authentication with Fido2

  • #1296 Client tests stops to work due to bootfaces remove

  • #1292 Add JSON Configuration properties to control JWKS endpoint algorithms

  • #1291 Logout : conformance suite fail because it can't find sid claim in id_token.

  • #1290 Support OpenID Connect prompt=select_account Authn request

  • #1289 Introduce swagger spec file to oxauth

  • #1288 Remove i18n

  • #1286 Logout : conformance tests expect successful page if session was ended but post_logout_redirect_uri not provided

  • #1280 Client authentication : handle Bearer prefix when authenticate by access_token

  • #1279 Logout Test - RP Initiated should validate id_token_hint is present

  • #1278 Use browser locale if there is no AuthZ ui_locales parameter

  • #1277 UMA : resource registration endpoint doesn't use passed resources iat, exp

  • #1275 Use ui_locales_supported from confguration instead of JSF locales list

  • #1274 Logout test - RP-Initiated - Unexcepted error

  • #1272 Logout test observed because we don't show success logout message to the user

  • #1271 Write SCIM Changelog for social login and password update

  • #1270 FIDO2 : Support username-less authentication workflow

  • #1269 We got redundant keys references in persistence oxAuthConfWebKeys

  • #1268 CIBA: Super Gluu Integration

  • #1265 Error 404 when calling to the FCM: unsubscribe endpoint

  • #1261 OpenID Connect Client: Add client claim to specify introspection scripts to execute

  • #1260 FAPI test (private key jwt) is failing because of not considering client_assertion and client_assertion_type parameters

  • #1256 FAPI test fail because conformance suite is sending a list of auds

  • #1255 FAPI test fail because of not checking aud field correctly

  • #1253 Change behavior of default scope

  • #1252 Dynamic registration: do not add fallback response_type or grant_type.

  • #1250 FAPI test fail because of using state query parameter

  • #1249 FAPI test is not passing because refresh token issued to a client can be used with another client

  • #1248 FAPI : swap clients - test fail because of sending an unexpected kind of error

  • #1247 Gather geolocation data from client instead of server side

  • #1244 FAPI tests fail because of not validating that exp and scope must be present in the request.

  • #1242 Change session_id after user authentication

  • #1241 FAPI complains that oxauth does not return error in fragment only and that state in error response does not match

  • #1240 samesite cookie handling in upcoming Chrome 80

  • #1239 FAPI : during test we noticed that c_hash and s_hash is not always present in id_token

  • #1238 FAPI test fail because of including headers that shouldn't be sent

  • #1230 FAPI : acr requested claim is not returned in id_token

  • #1228 FAPI test fail because oxAuth should reject when response_type is only code

  • #1227 FAPI : one of FAPI tests fail because oxauth does not handle request as JWT correctly

  • #1226 Test automation

  • #1224 FIDO2 authentication not working in chrome

  • #1220 Write script to facilitate multiple test email address against one valid address

  • #1219 Introduce separate server-side session lifetime configuration property

  • #1213 Pass Logout Conformance Tests

  • #1212 Persist sessions in persistence layer

  • #1211 Key expiration messages should be logged only if auto re-new is not enabled or re-generation interval is too big for key lifetime

  • #1202 oxAuth should auto configure tokens clean size based on server load

  • #1198 Add JSON configuration property to control removal of offline access refresh tokens

  • #1197 Support "prompt=consent" parameter

  • #1196 Session cookies should support domain parameter

  • #1195 Authorization endpoint should not use session_id unless admin allowed to use it

  • #1191 Super Gluu should support communtiction with web application on desktop

  • #1187 Don't allow to issue openid scope in password grant without the admin permission

  • #1186 Make password grant type configurable for dynamic clients

  • #1182 Don't issue openid scope without authorization

  • #1181 Set session state to unathenticated if application session script prohibit it creation

  • #1178 Invalidate access tokens after refresh token revocation

  • #1175 Parameterize OCs that passport scripts can use for user profile manipulation

  • #1174 Add method to Person Authn Script to send context to proposed Post-Authn Interception Script

  • #1172 Implement OpenID Connect offline access

  • #1171 Support custom parameters in request object

  • #1166 refresh_ token is automatically added to registered client in CE using oxd

  • #1157 Make active scripts more visible on "Manage custom scripts" page

  • #1150 oxauth code should use new cacheService.getWithPut() method

  • #1149 Review FIDO2 implementation to confrom latest specification and conformance tools

  • #1136 Make front-channel logout page customizable

  • #1134 Make it easy to support new locale without unpacking oxauth war

  • #1133 Support Spontaneous Scopes for UMA 2

  • #1130 Restrict scopes in dynamic registration request for clients with password grant

  • #1129 Add Interception Script: Post-Authn Authorize

  • #1125 CIBA: End-User Device Registration and Authentication

  • #1113 Add OpenID Connect front channel logout custom interception script

  • #1104 Allow 'passcode' along with QR code in OTP script

  • #1102 Introspection interception script: add to ExternalIntrospectionContext user and grant object

  • #1079 Discovery - Use jackson on both server and client side (and oxd) for consistency during json construction instead of manual parsing (OpenIdConfigurationResponse)

  • #1073 Move tokens, RPT, (authorization grants) to ou=client_token (outside client entry)

  • #1062 Configure Supported algorithms

  • #1060 Prevent OTP replay attack

  • #1053 Do not return client_secret on client read

  • #1038 Userinfo response is not as expected as describe in specification

  • #1036 Introduce oxauth-persistence-model maven module to be re-used by oxTrust API

  • #1032 Add new property for BasicLockAccount authentication script

  • #1024 On session expiration show "Login" button on OP page directly which should re-initiate login process (instead of "Go back" button)

  • #1019 CIBA: Polling protection by interval

  • #1018 CIBA: Signed Authentication Request

  • #1017 CIBA: Push Mode with Pairwise Identifiers

  • #1016 CIBA: Poll and Ping Modes with Pairwise Identifiers

  • #1015 CIBA: Authentication result for Push Mode

  • #1014 CIBA: Update Token Endpoint for request with Poll Mode

  • #1013 CIBA: Update Token Endpoint for request with Ping Mode

  • #1012 CIBA: Obtain End-User Consent/Authorization

  • #1011 CIBA: Authentication Request with user code

  • #1010 CIBA: Authentication Request with binding message

  • #1009 CIBA: Implement Backchannel Authentication Endpoint

  • #1008 CIBA: Update Dynamic Client Registration

  • #1007 CIBA: Update Discovery Metadata

  • #1003 Allow to refresh ID Token with grant_type refresh_token

  • #961 FAPI Conformance Suite

  • #958 More flexibilty to set audience on a per client basis

  • #936 FIDO 2: Add support for multi facet application IDs for impl

  • #935 Improve error page for Super Gluu denied authentication

  • #931 Return client_name in response of dynamic client registration

  • #928 Allow users to edit list of released scopes on the fly on the authorization page

  • #922 Encrypt oxAuth login information which are showing in HAR file

  • #921 Session Revocation

  • #895 Values for javax.faces.converter.XXX strings in not overriding default messages

  • #861 Request objects should have iat and expiration

  • #853 CAS logout with oxAuth-session script ( application_session )

  • #839 Support for spontaneous scopes

  • #823 Authenitcator should not use "@!" to distingusih use/client credentials.

  • #800 Userinfo can't be contacted with access_token issued during resource owner creds grant flow if redirect_uri is not specified for the client

  • #795 Allow to set the pairwiseIdType (algorithmic/persistent) on a client basis

  • #789 Add support for id token upon token refresh

  • #782 Import clients with existing client_ids

  • #759 Scopes from request object get compared to reduced list of scopes during authorization

  • #751 Update Saml script to allow sign request

  • #750 Add CIBA support to oxAuth

  • #719 Allow to update oxDisabled attribute using Dynamic Client Registration endpoint

  • #697 Performance : ˜40% of time is blocked by weld synchronization during high load (>800 threads).

  • #694 Support redis failover in standalone

  • #667 Custom interception authorization script for Connect.

  • #657 Synchronize CAS logout with OpenID Connect logout

  • #637 Create reusable login template

  • #586 UMA 2 : Add Selenium user emulation for Claims-Gathering test pages (country.xhtml and city.xhml)

  • #535 Provide customization of front-channel generated html from /end_session

  • #498 Strip querystring from logout redirect URI comparison

  • #469 Extend Session Endpoint

  • #460 Performance : go over oxauth threads blocks that appears after 140req/s

  • #447 Federation: Publish metadata_statement_uris

  • #446 Federation: add signed_jwks_uri

  • #445 Federation: add signing_keys_uri

  • #437 Implement better HTTP Header Security

  • #393 Collect performance stats in oxAuth

  • #302 Client Registration: Validation user facing values

  • #233 New iFrame implicit flow

  • #223 Add postLogin method for authentication script

  • #218 Implement U2F attestation certificate validation

  • #208 New .well-known endpoint to publish acr configuration

  • #160 U2F: Add TLS Channel ID Binding

  • #89 Support for Software Statement Protected Client Registration

  • #70 Back-Channel Logout

  • #68 Add metric to store CPU/memory usage

  • #9 oxAuth client should support HTTP proxy


  • #1991 Add ability to add RPT Claims script to client

  • #1987 Gluu 4.1.1 and 4.2: getting same Pairwise ID ( first generated one ) for rest of the users

  • #1973 U2F and FIDO2 dates are using the same format

  • #1967 Use JSON Property to allow extra attributes for person status

  • #1959 Fix an issue when securely store CIBA configuration keys

  • #1958 CIBA configuration UI

  • #1946 Cust script not reloading when properties change and script location is file

  • #1930 Break out SCIM into a separate service

  • #1927 SAML TR / "Attributes Published" column buggy

  • #1924 FAPI compatibility

  • #1923 Fix error form too large for custom scripts page

  • #1922 Use ui_locales_supported from confguration instead of JSF locales list

  • #1907 Ehanced management for redirect_uri lists

  • #1891 Re-visit differences between single-SP and federation types of SAML TR

  • #1890 Add spontaneous scope script to UI

  • #1889 Add oxAttributes JSON value support to Scopes (UI and API)

  • #1886 Always show "Edit Type" and "View Type" in attribute form

  • #1873 Deactivate "default acr" field in oxTrust OIDC client

  • #1868 Add note on top of Cache Provider Configuration that oxauth restart is required if cache connection settings are changed.

  • #1867 Log viewing from the UI allows to display of any sensitive file

  • #1865 Configuration / Add Script: Pre-populate class and method according to interface

  • #1862 Enhance web UI representation of nameids

  • #1861 Optimize Cache Refresh to better handle really huge userbases

  • #1808 Allow administrator to add libraries and plugins to oxAuth via GUI

  • #1750 Detect OS security updates and allow to run upgrade

  • #1749 Show notification about released upgrades

  • #1682 Improve Error Reporting In oxTrust API

  • #1663 Allow special character "underscore" in attribute name

  • #1641 Contact Email field validation in Configuration > Organization configuration

  • #1636 Performance degrade for /person/view, person/viewProfile.htm (potentially other pages)

  • #1626 Configure supported algorithms

  • #1602 Remove the finishlogout page

  • #1583 Fix an invalid Birthdate Format

  • #1551 Disallow the match between the username and the password