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Server clean up#


The Gluu Server has a built-in service to remove unused and expired files. It runs out-of-the-box, but has several customizable properties as detailed below.


  • cleanServiceInterval - defines how often to run the clean up service in seconds. It must be a positive number. To turn off the service, set the interval to a negative number.
  • cleanServiceBaseDns - list of base dns under which the server will look for expired entities and entries in addition to the built-in base dn
  • cleanServiceBatchChunkSize - each clean up iteration fetches a chunk of expired data per base dn and removes it from storage. The default value is 100. Adjust it according to server load.

Restart the oxauth service for the configuration changes to take effect.

Log output#

A list of built-in base DNs is printed upon server startup (the log level must be set to debug). This is an example of the log output:

[org.gluu.oxauth.service.CleanerTimer] ( - Built-in base dns:  
ou=resources,ou=uma,o=@!2128.9AFB.B310.EB30!0001!690B.5F8F,o=gluu, ou=clients,o=@!2128.9AFB.B310.EB30!0001!690B.5F8F,o=gluu,  
ou=people,o=@!2128.9AFB.B310.EB30!0001!690B.5F8F,o=gluu, ou=pct,ou=uma,o=@!2128.9AFB.B310.EB30!0001!690B.5F8F,o=gluu,  
o=@!2128.9AFB.B310.EB30!0001!690B.5F8F,o=gluu, ou=registered_devices,ou=u2f,o=@!2128.9AFB.B310.EB30!0001!690B.5F8F,o=gluu,  

Affected attributes#

Clean up is performed based on two entity attributes:

  • oxAuthExpiration - the date when the object should be considered expired (formatted in Unix time, the number of milliseconds since January 1, 1970, 00:00:00 GMT)
  • oxDeletable - boolean flag set to true or false. If false, the clean up job will not delete the object.

The clean up filter is in the following format:


Disabling the clean up service#

By default, the clean up timer is turned on. To turn it off, set the cleanServiceInterval property to a negative value (server restart is required).

If the clean up task is performed externally, such as through an external Python script, turn off the internal server clean up.