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Localization of Gluu Server Admin UI#

oxAuth contains the following resource bundles:

These properties files store the translatable text of the messages to be displayed. The default properties file, which is called, contains the following lines:

Now that the messages are in a properties file, they can be translated into various languages. No changes to the source code are required. For example to use the French version of the oxAuth the should contains these lines:
Notice that the values to the right side of the equal sign have been translated but that the keys on the left side have not been changed. These keys must not change, because they will be referenced when oxAuth fetches the translated text.

How to apply localization in Gluu Server#

  • Get your properties file named "" and put it inside /opt/gluu/jetty/oxauth/custom/i18n
  • Add this language in Gluu Server's language setting: JSON Configuration > oxAuth Configuration > Search for uiLocalesSupported > Add new language as new "Item".
  • If you want to make this language as default, make sure to move it up at the top of supported language list.