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ox LDAP Properties#


The file contains information required for Gluu to connect with its local LDAP Server for user authentication and authorization, and also provides the connection strings to various component's of Gluu to fetch required information for components installed and configured during server setup. For setup/configuration details, please refer to Setup Script Options. The file is stored under /etc/gluu/conf/


Below are the properties included in for Gluu to connect with LDAP.

Property Description
Bind DN Stores the DN of the connecting LDAP server
Bind Password Stores the password of the DN, which is provided during setup
servers LDAP server with port number
useSSL Provides a boolean value, depending on the SSL used, and is set to true or false
maxconnections number of maximum connections to be used, this is can be left to be set it to default
certsDir Path of the certificates stored
confDir Path of the configuration directory
binaryAttributes This property should be left to be default ObjectGUID

Below screenshot is an example of