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IDM Synchronization#


Gluu exposes a REST service to obtain user entries that have been updated or have been added in the local Gluu database after a specified timestamp. The endpoint resides alongside the SCIM endpoints and reuses the same protection policy, however, it is not part of the SCIM standard itself.

Service specification#

There is a Swagger definition document at https://<host>/identity/scim/resource_changes.yaml that can be used to bootstrap the process of creating a client application using tools such as swagger-codegen or Swagger Hub.

The API document is self-explanatory, but here are some key facts:

  • The service has a single operation that can be accessed via GET at https://<host>/identity/restv1/scim/UpdatedUsers

  • Three query parameters can be passed: timeStamp, start, and pagesize.

  • The operation returns a set of entries matching the search criteria. Each entry consists of a dictionary (key/value pairs), where keys are attribute names (as stored in Gluu database), and every value is an array of actual values for such attribute. In addition to the entries, the size of the result set is returned as well as the timestamp of the most recently updated entry in the set.


The computation of results is based on attributes updatedAt and oxCreationTimestamp. This covers several sources of data manipulation (eg. SCIM, oxTrust UI, and custom scripts). If entries are ever modified manually (e.g. by using LDAP commands) or by external applications, these updates will not be accounted by the service.


The following is a sample request with a corresponding response:

GET /identity/restv1/scim/UpdatedUsers?timeStamp=2019-12-24T12:00:03-05:00&start=10&pageSize=100
   Authorization: Bearer ACCESS_TOKEN_HERE
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8

   "total": 69,
   "latestUpdateAt": "2019-12-25T18:00:00.123Z",
   "results": [
         "cn": [ "Jhon Garbanzo" ],
         "displayName": [ "Jhonny" ], 
         "givenName": [ "Jhon" ],
         "gluuSLAManager": [ true ], 
         "gluuStatus": [ "active" ],
         "inum": [ "abcd-1234" ], 
         "mail": [ "", "" ], 
         "mobile": [ "+1987654321" ],
         "myIntegerCustomAttribute": [ 123 ],
         "sn": [ "Garbanzo" ],
         "updatedAt": [ "2019-12-25T01:27:29.934Z" ],
         "uid": [ "jhonny" ]

For the above example, all entries returned have a modified timestamp earlier than 2019-12-24T17:00:03 (UTC time).