Maintained by the Shibboleth Foundation, this component provides the SAML identity provider endpoints. The Shibboleth component relies on oxAuth for session management, enabling SSO between SAML and OpenID websites.

The Gluu Server acts as a SAML identity provider (IDP) to support outbound SAML single sign-on (SSO).

In outbound SAML SSO transactions, external websites or applications (known as a Service Provider, or “SP”) redirect users to the Gluu Server for authentication and authorization. Upon successful authentication, the user is redirected back to the SP with personal attributes and an active SSO session.

In order to support SAML SSO, the Gluu Server must include the Shibboleth SAML IDP.

  • During a fresh Gluu Server installation, simply opt in when prompted for Shibboleth.

  • To add Shibboleth to an existing Gluu Server deployment, follow these instructions.

In addition, the target application must also support SAML. If the app doesn’t already support SAML, see the documentation about SAML SP software.

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