What's new in oxd 4.0#

oxd 4.0#

oxd 4.0 includes architectural changes as well as different bug fixes and improvements:

oxd 3.1.4#

oxd 3.1.4 includes bug fixes, updated UMA scopes, and to improve usability and administration.

What's new#

Now Open Source#

In oxd 3.1.4, we removed license validation and made the code open source under the Apache2 license!

Updated UMA scopes#

In coordination with enhancements to oxAuth 3.1.4, we've updated and renamed UMA scopes within oxd.

Build without Git#

We've added the ability to build oxd without Git, allowing the package to be downloaded as a zip file.

Improved client validation and logging#

To enhance oxd's usability, we've improved access_token validation and adjusted our logging parameters.

oxd 3.1.3#

oxd 3.1.3 includes improvements to the oxd-https-extension, new features to better support Gluu Gateway, and bug fixes to improve usability and administration.

What's new#

Tighter Gluu Gateway integration#

oxd 3.1.3 includes improvements to existing functionality to work better with Gluu Gateway, such as the ability to update existing UMA resources in the Gluu Server.

Better https extension#

We've expanded our initialization script for the oxd HTTPS extension to increase performance and make configuration easier.

Up to 10 OAuth 2.0 clients free, forever!#

We wanted to build the oxd ecosystem, so now all accounts include up to 10 OAuth 2.0 clients free forever. All clients in excess of 10 will still be charged $0.33 per day.

Release notes#

Review the oxd 3.1.3 release notes for a full list of fixes and new features in oxd 3.1.3.

oxd 3.1.2#

oxd 3.1.2 includes bug fixes, easier administration, and additional security features.

What's new#

Better OAuth 2.0 support#

oxd 3.1.2 features more comprehensive support for OAuth 2.0, including a new access token introspection command, an UMA RPT introspection command, and support for and , or logical operations.

Easier Operations#

oxd 3.1.2 includes a new command to remove a client from oxd. This is helpful to keep the server organzied and uncluttered.

Release notes#

Review the oxd 3.1.2 release notes for a full list of fixes and new features in oxd 3.1.2.

oxd 3.1.1#

We've made significant updates to oxd 3.1.1 to improve performance and functionality.

What's Changed#

Billing Model#

Learn more about pricing & billing.

What's New#

RESTful (https)#

oxd 3.1.1 includes a new component called the oxd-https-extension. The extension is included out-of-the-box in the oxd Linux packages--it simply needs to be started. With the oxd-https-extension, applications can make RESTful calls to your oxd server over the web.

UMA 2.0#

Gluu Server and oxd 3.1.1 are the first commercially supported IAM server and clients to implement the UMA 2.0 Grant for OAuth 2.0 Authorization and Federated Authorization specifications. UMA 2.0 now aligns completely with OAuth 2.0. It also re-defines the claims gathering flow, enabling developers to implement multi-step consent, user-interactions, and stepped-up authentication flows.


oxd 3.1.1 now supports in-memory or redis caching of data to improve throughput for OpenID Connect and UMA clients.

Easy Upgrades#

oxd 3.1.1 includes an auto-migration process to transfer your existing oxd JSON files to your new oxd 3.1.1 server(s).

Legacy Compatibility#

Please review the following legacy compatibility considerations while evaluating your upgrade path to oxd 3.1.2:

Release notes#

Review the oxd 3.1.1 release notes for a full list of fixes and new features in oxd 3.1.1.