We have included auto-migration functionality to easily transfer existing data files to the latest version of oxd. oxd-server now uses configurable data storage (h2, redis, etc.) instead of JSON files.

Legacy Compatibility#

Before moving forward with an upgrade to oxd 4.0, review the following legacy compatibility notes:

OpenID Connect Data Migration#

Follow these simple steps to migrate your JSON files:

UMA Data Migration#

Auto-migration between UMA 1.0.1 and UMA 2 is not supported because of major changes between the specifications. To view the UMA 2 specifications follow this link.

Upgrade Script (oxd server upgrade 3.1.x -> 4.x)#

Upgrades oxd server from 3.1.x to 4.x version. Download the upgrade script:

# wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/GluuFederation/oxd/version_4.0/upgrade/oxd_updater.py

Run the upgrade script:

# python oxd_updater.py

The oxd_updater.py script:

  1. Adds Gluu repository (repo.gluu.org)

  2. Removes old oxd server (if applicable)

  3. Installs latest oxd server

  4. Moves json data to /opt/oxd-server/json_data_backup and sets migration_source_folder_path: /opt/oxd-server/json_data_backup in oxd-server.yml so that oxd migrates to h2 database

  5. Merges oxd-conf.json, oxd-default-site-config.json, and log4j.xml into the new, single configuration file: oxd-server.yml


Do not install the latest version of oxd when using oxd_updater.py -- the script will perform everything needed.