The Gluu Server is an identity and access management suite comprised of free open source software (FOSS) components. Some of the software was written by Gluu (everything with an "ox" prefix, like "oxAuth"), and some of the software we forked from existing open source projects like the Shibboleth SAML identity provider, Forgerock community release of OpenDJ, the Asimba SAML proxy, the CAS authentication server and many more components that are part of the Linux distributions.


Gluu was founded in 2009 by Mike Schwartz. After selling his ISP to Verio in 1998, Mike advised many large companies on identity and access management, directory services, and application security. In late 2008, Mike had a hunch that Web single sign-on was too complex, too proprietary and too expensive for many organizations. He felt that a utility approach to SSO using open source software could provide an alternative to expensive enterprise solutions. The Gluu Server was envisioned as an integrated identity platform, based on free open source software, to make application security available to significantly greater number of organizations.(Read More)

Design Goals

At OSCON 2014, Gluu introduced easier to install packages for the Gluu Server, and support for the Ubuntu Juju orchestration framework. The goal of these distributions was to promote adoption of OX in the major distributions of Linux...(Read More)


There are several key components that make Gluu Server a reality and while choosing, the open-source softwares were given preference. Most of the components of the Gluu Server are written in Java, and deployed as a web application in a J2EE servlet container.(Read More)


Any software published by Gluu in the OX Project is under the MIT License. The third party components have separate licenses.

Component License
Shibboleth Apache2
OpenDJ CDDL-1.0
Asimba GNU APGL 3.0
Jagger MIT License

Note: Gluu maintains a fork of OpenDJ 3 in our Github.