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oxd OAuth 2.0 for Server-Side Web Apps#


Gluu offers OAuth 2.0 client software called oxd to simplify the process of securing and integrating server-side web applications with the Gluu Server.


If you need to secure and integrate other types of applications, like single-page apps (SPAs) or native apps, navigate back to the introduction doc to review all supported client software projects.

oxd API#

The oxd server supports the OpenID Connect and UMA profiles of OAuth 2.0. OpenID Connect can be used to send a user for authentication and gather identity information about the user. UMA can be used to manage what digital resources the user should have access to.

Read the oxd API docs


There are native libraries that wrap the oxd APIs for Php, Java, Python, Node, Ruby, C#, .Net and more.

Read the oxd libraries docs.


oxd is commercially licensed software. You can obtain your license and a $50 credit to get started by signing up on the oxd website.