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Cache Provider Configuration#


This page explains the Cache Provider configuration that can be accessed by navigating to Configuration > JSON Configuration > Cache Provider Configuration.

The following cache providers are now supported and can be selected via the cacheProviderType combo box field (see screenshot below):

In Memory - recommended for small deployments only
Memcached - recommended for single cache server deployment
Redis - recommended for cluster deployments
Native Persistence - recommended to avoid additional components installation. All cache entries are saved in persistence layers.

Cache Provider Properties#


The following tables include the name and description of each configurable oxAuth property:

Cache Configuration#

Name Description
cacheProviderType The cache provider type

Memcached Configuration#

Name Description
servers Server details separated by spaces (e.g. `server1:8080 server2:8081)
maxOperationQueueLength Maximum number of operations that can be queued
bufferSize Buffer size in bytes
defaultPutExpiration Expiration timeout value in seconds
MemcachedConnectionFactoryType Is the Connection Factory in memory or memcached

In-Memory Configuration#

Name Description
defaultPutExpiration defaultPutExpiration timeout value in seconds

Redis Configuration#

Name Description
redisProviderType Type of connection: standalone, clustered, or sharded
Servers Server details separated by commas (e.g. 'server1:8080,server2:8081')
password Redis password
defaultPutExpiration Default expiration time for the object put into cache in seconds
useSSL Enable SSL communication between Gluu Server and Redis cache
sslTrustStoreFilePath Directory Path to Trust Store

Native Persistence Configuration#

Name Description
defaultPutExpiration Default expiration time for the object put into cache in seconds