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Authentication against LDAP (a.k.a “Basic” or “Internal”)#


The 'Basic' or 'Internal' method is used to implement username / password authentication.

Basic authentication relies on a successful LDAP BIND operation against an LDAP directory--either the local LDAP included in the Gluu Server, or a backend LDAP server like Active Directory that has been configured for use with the Gluu Server via Cache Refresh.


  • Installed Gluu Server
  • Basic authentication script
  • If remote LDAP / AD server then
  • Network connectivity between Gluu Server and backend AD/LDAP
  • Remote Active Directory / LDAP bind information.
  • Successful completion of Cache Refresh


The script has the following properties:

Property Description Example
Name Name of the authentication module basic
Description Description of the purpose of this script Basic AuthN Script
Programming Language Script Developed with Python Python
Location type Where this script is located inside Gluu Server Ldap
Usage type Purpose of usage Native
Custom property Customization properties Not required by default
Script The main python script No change required by default

Enable 'Basic' Authentication#

Basic authentication should be enabled out-of-the-box. In case it needs to be re-enabled, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Manage Custom Scripts
  2. Expand basic
  3. Check the box to Enabled the script
  4. You can tail oxauth_script.log to check successful initialization of this script
    GLUU.[root@gluu logs]# tail -f oxauth_script.log
    2018-01-10 10:39:16,847 INFO  [oxAuthScheduler_Worker-5] [org.xdi.service.PythonService$PythonLoggerOutputStream] ( - Basic. Initialization
    2018-01-10 10:39:16,853 INFO  [oxAuthScheduler_Worker-5] [org.xdi.service.PythonService$PythonLoggerOutputStream] ( - Basic. Initialized successfully

Backend AD/LDAP#

If a backend AD or LDAP is being used to store passwords and authenticate users, navigate to: Configuration > Manage authentication > Manage LDAP Authentication and provide information on the backend directory, including bindDN, bindDN user password, Primary Key ( don't change local primary_key ), Server Name / IP along with port and BaseDN/s.

A more detailed description of each field can be found in the Manage Authentication section of the Gluu docs.

Make 'Basic' the Default#

By default, basic authentication is the default authentication method for the Gluu Server. In case it needs to be reset, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Manage Authentication > Default Authentication Method
  2. Select 'basic' for 'Default acr' and / or 'oxTrust acr'

Using Basic Authentication#

Open up a new browser or incognito window, try to login into your Gluu Server or perform SSO with an SP or RP.

Configuring Basic Authentication#

To switch the basic authentication method between username and email address, follow these steps: 1. Navigate to Configuration > Manage Authentication 1. Change the Local Primary Key to uid for username or mail for email address.

Other LDAP configuration settings can be found in the oxTrust documentation

Password reset in local Gluu LDAP#

If passwords are stored locally, Gluu admins can reset a user's password in two ways:

  1. Using oxTrust:
  2. Navigate to Users> Manage People
  3. Find the target user
  4. Click the Update Password button at the bottom of the user record
  5. Set the new password

  6. Using LDAP:

  7. Access the local LDAP following these instructions
  8. Search for user with 'uid' or 'mail' attribute
  9. Password attribute ( userPassword ) can be changed using ldapmodify commands

Password reset in Remote Backend Server#

It's possible to reset a user's password in a Remote Backend Server, but requires configuration of a different Authentication module.