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oxTrust JSON Configurations#


This page explains the oxTrust JSON Configuration which can by found by navigating to Configuration > JSON Configuration.


The following fields are available for edit in the menu.

Fields/Attributes Description
baseDN The base distinguished name of oxtrust. The default is o=gluu
orgIname This can be left blank
orgSupportEmail The support email address of the Gluu Server installation
applianceInum The INUM of the appliance
applianceUrl The URI of the appliance
schemaAddObjectClassWithAttributeTypesDefinition The schema to add various attribute types
schemaAddObjectClassWithoutAttributeTypesDefinition The schema to add various attribute types


This class holds the relation between the person entry and its relative object class.

Fields/Attributes Description
item 1 inetOrgPerson
item 2 gluuPerson


This class holds the relation between the display name of the person and the relative object class.

Fields/Attributes Description
item 1 inetOrgPerson
item 2 gluuPerson


Items can be added under this class by clicking on the + item button.

Fields/Attributes Description
photoRepositoryRootDir Path to the root directory of photographs
photoRepositoryThumbWidth thumb width of a photo
photoRepositoryThumbHeight sets the thumb height of a photo
photoRepositoryCountLevels count level per photo repository
photoRepositoryCountFoldersPerLevel number of folders per level
authMode set this tag to basic to use basic authentication or leave it blank to use oxAuth
ldifStore Path to the LDIF store
shibboleth2IdpRootDir root directory for the shibboleth plugin
shibboleth2SpConfDir Configuration directory for the shibboleth plugin
updateAplicanceStatus update appliance state for the site. Use true to allow, and false to forbid (default value)
svnConfigurationStoreRoot Root of the SVN configuration store
svnConfigurationStorePassword Password of the SVN configuration store
keystorePath Path to the keystore
keystorePassword Password to the keystore
allowPersonModification Enables or disables the allowance to modify a person entry. Use true to allow (default value), and false otherwise
idpUrl uri of the OpenID provider that is in use
velocityLog Velocity log filename with path
spMetadataPath Path to the Gluu Server metadata
logoLocation Directory name for the images and logos that are used
idpSecurityKey Security key of the OpenID provider
idpSecurityKeyPassowrd Security password of the OpenID provider
idpSecurityCert Security certificate of the machine


Items can be added here by clicking on the + item button.

Fields/Attributes Description
configGeneration This entry controls the automatic generation of the configuration files. Use enable to allow and disable otherwise
idpLdapProtocol Protocol used by the [LDAP][ldap] server
idpLdapServer Hostname of the [LDAP][ldap] server with port
orgInum INUM of the organization
idpBindDn Domain name of the OpenID provider
idpBindPassowrd Password for the OpenID provider
gluuSpCert Certificate name and location of the Gluu Server
mysqlUrl MySql connector as URI
mysqlUser Username for the MySql server
mysqlPassword Passowrd for the MySql server
shibboleth2FederationRootDir Root directory for the Shobboleth federation plugin
cacheRefreshEnabled Value of the cache refresh mechanism. Use true to enable and false otherwise
cacheRefreshIntervalMinutes Time in minutes counting down to next cache-refresh event
caCertsLocation Keystore to use for downloaded SSL certificates
caCertsPassphrase Password for the caCerts keystore
tempCertDir Temporary location for certificates while certificate update procedure
certDir Locaiton of certificates used in configuration files
servicesRestartTrigger Location of the file which will restart the applicance server if deleted
persistSVN State of persistence in SVN. Use true to enable or false otherwise
oxAuthAuthorizeUrl Authorization URI for oxAuth
oxAuthTokenUrl Token URI for oxAuth
oxAuthValidateTokenUrl URI for oxAuth token validation
oxAuthEndSessionUrl URI for oxAuth session termination
oxAuthLogoutUrl URI for logging out of oxAuth
oxAuthTokenValidationUrl URI for oxAuth token validation
oxAuthUserInfo URI for oxAuth user information
oxAuthSectorIdentifierUrl URI for oxAuth sector identifier
oxAuthClientId Identification number for oxAuth client
oxAuthClientPassowrd Password for oxAuth client
oxAuthClientScope Scope of the oxAuth client
loginRedirectUrl Redirect URI for oxAuth
logoutRedirectUrl URI for oxAuth


Items can be added here by clicking on the + item button.

Fields/Attributes Description
clientAssociationAttribute Attribute which identifies the OpenID client
oxAuthIssuers URI of the issuer authorization server
ignoreValidation Control to check/ignore token validation. Use true to validate or false otherwise
umaIssuer URI of the issuer authorization server
scimUmaClientId Identification of the UMA client
scimUmaScope Scopes available for this resource
cssLocation Path to the CSS files
jsLocation Path to the JS files
metricReporterInterval The interval for metric reporter in seconds
metricReporterKeepDataDays The number of days to keep metric reported data
metricReporterEnabled Boolean value specifying whether to enable Metric Reporter
disableJdkLogger Boolean value specifying whether to disable JDK loggers
passwordResetRequestExpirationTime Expiration time in secionds for password reset requests
cleanServiceInterval Time interval for the Clean Service in seconds


This list details the whitelisted client redirection URIs


This list details the blacklisted client redirection URIs

Scim Properties#

Description of OxTrust Properties#

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