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Cache Refresh Rotation


cr-rotate is a special container to monitor cache refresh on a specific oxTrust container.


The latest stable version for Gluu Server Docker Edition v3.1.6 is gluufederation/cr-rotate:3.1.6_02.

Environment Variables#

The following environment variables are supported by the container:

  • GLUU_CONFIG_ADAPTER: The config backend adapter, can be consul (default) or kubernetes.
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_HOST: hostname or IP of Consul (default to localhost).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_PORT: port of Consul (default to 8500).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_CONSISTENCY: Consul consistency mode (choose one of default, consistent, or stale). Default to stale mode.
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_SCHEME: supported Consul scheme (http or https).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_VERIFY: whether to verify cert or not (default to false).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_CACERT_FILE: path to Consul CA cert file (default to /etc/certs/consul_ca.crt). This file will be used if it exists and GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_VERIFY set to true.
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_CERT_FILE: path to Consul cert file (default to /etc/certs/consul_client.crt).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_KEY_FILE: path to Consul key file (default to /etc/certs/consul_client.key).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_CONSUL_TOKEN_FILE: path to file contains ACL token (default to /etc/certs/consul_token).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE: Kubernetes namespace (default to default).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_KUBERNETES_CONFIGMAP: Kubernetes configmaps name (default to gluu).
  • GLUU_CONFIG_KUBERNETES_USE_KUBE_CONFIG: Load credentials from $HOME/.kube/config, only useful for non-container environment (default to false).
  • GLUU_SECRET_ADAPTER: The secrets adapter, can be vault or kubernetes.
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_SCHEME: supported Vault scheme (http or https).
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_HOST: hostname or IP of Vault (default to localhost).
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_PORT: port of Vault (default to 8200).
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_VERIFY: whether to verify cert or not (default to false).
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_ROLE_ID_FILE: path to file contains Vault AppRole role ID (default to /etc/certs/vault_role_id).
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_SECRET_ID_FILE: path to file contains Vault AppRole secret ID (default to /etc/certs/vault_secret_id).
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_CERT_FILE: path to Vault cert file (default to /etc/certs/vault_client.crt).
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_KEY_FILE: path to Vault key file (default to /etc/certs/vault_client.key).
  • GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_CACERT_FILE: path to Vault CA cert file (default to /etc/certs/vault_ca.crt). This file will be used if it exists and GLUU_SECRET_VAULT_VERIFY set to true.
  • GLUU_SECRET_KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE: Kubernetes namespace (default to default).
  • GLUU_SECRET_KUBERNETES_CONFIGMAP: Kubernetes secrets name (default to gluu).
  • GLUU_SECRET_KUBERNETES_USE_KUBE_CONFIG: Load credentials from $HOME/.kube/config, only useful for non-container environment (default to false).
  • GLUU_WAIT_MAX_TIME: How long the startup "health checks" should run (default to 300 seconds).
  • GLUU_WAIT_SLEEP_DURATION: Delay between startup "health checks" (default to 5 seconds).
  • GLUU_LDAP_URL: The LDAP database's IP address or hostname. Default is localhost:1636. Multiple URLs can be used using comma-separated values (i.e.,
  • GLUU_CR_ROTATION_CHECK: delay between rotation check (default to 300 seconds).
  • GLUU_CONTAINER_METADATA: scheduler name to get container metadata (either docker or kubernetes).

Getting Metadata#

  1. Set a predefined label on oxTrust container.

    Example for Docker:

    docker run \
        --label APP_NAME=oxtrust \

    Example for Kubernetes:

    # oxtrust.yaml
    apiVersion: apps/v1
    kind: StatefulSet
      name: oxtrust
        app: oxtrust
        APP_NAME: oxtrust
  2. Set the appropriate GLUU_CONTAINER_METADATA environment variable. If the container is running on the Docker scheduler, the docker.sock file must be mounted into container.

    Example for Docker:

    docker run \
        -e GLUU_CONTAINER_METADATA=docker \
        -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock \

    For Kubernetes, simply set the environment variable GLUU_CONTAINER_METADATA=kubernetes.


Since the metadata scope is per node, this container must be deployed in each node. Use mode=global in Swarm Mode services or DaemonSet in Kubernetes.