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What's New in Docker Edition 4.x?#

Here you can see an overview of changes between each release.

Version 4.0#

Version 4.0.1#

Released on November 1st, 2019.

  • Upgraded to Gluu Server 4.0.1.
  • Added oxTrust API support via gluufederation/oxtrust:4.0.1_02.
  • Added more verbosity when connecting to Couchbase.
  • Added missing indexes for Couchbase and performance optimization for oxAuth (gluufederation/persistence:4.0.1_03).
  • Fixed incorrect data structure for oxAuth keys in Couchbase document (gluufederation/key-rotation:4.0.1_03).

Updated on November 19th, 2019.

  • Removed some of Couchbase static indexes due to performance degradation (gluufederation/persistence:4.0.1_04).
  • Upgraded oxAuth server and client packages (gluufederation/oxauth:4.0.1_04).
  • Upgraded oxTrust server package (gluufederation/oxtrust:4.0.1_04).

Updated on December 1st, 2019.

  • oxTrust API support has been added (test and UMA mode) via gluufederation/config-init:4.0.1_05, gluufederation/persistence:4.0.1_05, gluufederation/oxauth:4.0.1_05, and gluufederation/oxtrust:4.0.1_05.

Version 4.0.0#

  • Upgraded to Gluu Server 4.0.
  • Support for Couchbase and LDAP.
  • Added gluufederation/wrends image (Wren:DS variant) to replace gluufederation/opendj (OpenDJ variant).
  • Added gluufederation/persistence image to handle initial data import.
  • Added gluufederation/radius image (Gluu Radius Server).

Version 3.1.6#

  • Upgraded to Gluu Server 3.1.6.
  • Alpine upgraded to v3.9. Ref:

Version 3.1.5#

  • Upgraded to Gluu Server 3.1.5.
  • Alpine upgraded to v3.9. Ref:
  • Added license info on container startup.
  • gluufederation/opendj: fixed inconsistent oxTrustConfigGeneration value.
  • Added gluufederation/cr-rotate image to handle IP cycle for CacheRefresh.

Version 3.1.4#

  • Upgraded to Gluu Server 3.1.4.
  • gluufederation/opendj: fixed OpenDJ server installation where it was failed if /opt/opendj/config directory is not empty.
  • gluufederation/opendj: Fixed upgrade process from OpenDJ 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 (if required).
  • gluufederation/opendj: added patches to to disable endpoint identification.
  • Removed Casa scripts from distribution.