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Single Host

Single Host using Docker#

This an example of running Gluu Server Docker Edition (DE) on a single VM.

Here are the instructions to deploy a stand-alone instance with a bash script named The core concept of this script is to intake some necessary information from the user on initial startup and deploy the containers.

The following is a thorough explanation of the process we used to make launching a stand-alone instance repeatable, modular and consistent. Adjust the process as needed.


  • CONFIG_DIR=$PWD/volumes/config-init/db: used to identify the location of the persistence volumes you would like to store the config.json file. This location can be changed before first creating your configuration, but if changed after, the script won't be able to load up the previous configuration.

  • HOST_IP=$(ip route get 1 | awk '{print $NF;exit}'): This variable automatically pulls the current host IP address. This variable, along with DOMAIN variable, are used to populate the /etc/hosts file of the oxTrust container. This is necessary due to the fact that oxTrust must be able to discover oxAuth's /.well-known/openid-configuration to be properly configured. For that reason, NGINX, which is bound on the host network's eth0 interface in this example, will route oxTrust to the proper location, https://$DOMAIN/.well-known/openid-configuration.

  • GLUU_VERSION=<version>: In the script, this is used to identify which version of config-init to run. This must match the version of Gluu Server you're trying to deploy.

  • INIT_CONFIG_CMD="": Used to either run the gluufederation/config-init:<version> generate configuration command if no previous config.json is found in CONFIG_DIR, or prompt the user if they want to deploy with the current config.json file.

  • The following are used for certificates, with the exception of DOMAIN, which is also used to modify the /etc/hosts file of the oxTrust container, and ADMIN_PW, which will be the password for oxTrust and LDAP:

    • DOMAIN=""
    • ADMIN_PW=""
    • EMAIL=""
    • ORG_NAME=""
    • STATE=""
    • CITY=""


  • load_services: deploys all the services in the docker-compose file. Note that config-init is run as a separate command.

  • prepare_config: checks config in Consul KV. If it can't find the required config, this function will load configuration from an existing config.json (see load_config function below), otherwise users will be prompted to enter the required configuration (see generate_config below).

  • load_config: loads config from a JSON file (config.json) stored under CONFIG_DIR directory.

  • generate_config: creates initial configuration and dump saved config into config.json stored under CONFIG_DIR directory.