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There are two ways to log into Cluster Manager:

  1. Local authentication using the default admin user
  2. Authentication against your Gluu Server(s) using oxd

Local authentication is configured during installation. For ongoing use, we recommend using oxd to leverage your Gluu Server for authentication and single sign-on (SSO).

Using oxd for SSO#

oxd exposes simple, static APIs that simplify the process of performing user authentication and authorization against an external OAuth 2.0 identity provider like the Gluu Server. Learn more in the oxd docs.

Follow these steps to configure oxd for SSO against your Gluu Server:

  1. Install oxd server:

    apt-get update
    apt-get install oxd-server
  2. Configure /opt/oxd-server/conf/oxd-conf.json:

        "storage_configuration": {    


    If you need a license to start your oxd-server, you can register on the oxd website.

  3. Configure /opt/oxd-server/conf/oxd-default-site-conf.json (read the docs):

        "scope":["openid", "profile", "email", "user_name", "permission"],    
  4. Restart oxd-server:

    service oxd-server restart
  5. Log into oxTrust using admin credentials. Navigate to Users > Manage People and search for the admin user. Click the link under UID column.

  6. Add the User Permission attribute. A new form field will appear. Enter cluster_manager as its value and click the Update button.

  7. Go to OpenID Connect > Scopes and make sure in the user_name row that Allow for dynamic registration is set to True.

  8. Create $HOME/.clustermgr/oxd-client.ini:

    host = localhost    
    port = 8099    
    id =
    op_host =    
    client_name = ClusterManager    
    authorization_redirect_uri = http://localhost:5000/auth/oxd_login_callback    
    scopes = openid,profile,user_name,permission
  9. Log out of the Cluster Manager app.

  10. Log into the Cluster Manager app, click Login with Gluu Server link. Follow the instructions displayed on your browser to finish the authorization process.


The first time you log in using oxd and Gluu Server, it may return an error message about the user_name scope being disabled in OIDC client configuration. If this error occurs, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into oxTrust
  2. Click OpenID Connect > Clients submenu
  3. Click ClusterManager client
  4. Click Add Scope button at the bottom, and search for user_name scope
  5. Make sure the user_name scope is checked and click OK button
  6. Click Update button at the bottom of the page
  7. Open the Cluster Manager web app and click Login with Gluu Server