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Gluu Server 4.0 is now in public beta. Take a test drive today!

Test Gluu Server with

Configuration in SAMLTest.ID website#

  • Navigate to the SAMLTest website:
  • Upload or Fetch your Gluu Server Shibboleth metadata with the following link: https://[hostname_of_gluu_server]/idp/shibboleth


  • After successful upload, you will see the following confirmation:


Configuration in Gluu Server#

  • From, grab the SAMLTest.ID SP link:
  • Move to create Trust Relationship in Gluu Server. Here is how you can create SAML Trust Relationship in Gluu Server. image


  • Go to
  • Login Initiator: https://[hostname_of_gluu_server]/idp/shibboleth
  • If everything goes well, you will your Gluu Server's login page
  • Log in there
  • You will be redirected to the SAMLTest.ID page.


Logout Testing#

  • To test logout from SAMLTest.ID, you need to enable the SAML2Logout Profile from the Trust Relationship like below.


  • Update it, then test after 5 mins from SAMLTest.ID