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Release Notes

Release Notes#

Casa 4.1#

  • Application is now suitable to be supported in a manually clustered environment
  • Added support for SMPP for delivery of OTP codes via SMS
  • Fix UI overlaps in 2FA authentication pages
  • Added support for memcached if underlying Gluu server uses it as cache provider
  • Remove potential file descriptors leak

Casa 4.0#

  • Added support for FIDO2 / WebAuthn devices Read more.
  • Smarter 2FA: Users no longer need to select a "preferred mechanism", and are now simply prompted for the strongest enrolled credential type (e.g. FIDO > OTP). Read more.
  • "Hot deployment" for plugins -- now plugins can be added by dropping files directly in the chroot filesystem, in addition to through the UI. Read more.
  • New sample plugins for developers plus an improved developer guide. Read more.
  • Enhanced localization support, including a language picker in the user-facing dashboard. Read more.