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Gluu Casa Quick Start Guide#


Gluu Casa is a self-service web portal for end-users to manage security preferences for their account in a Gluu Server. Follow this guide to install and configure a deployment of Casa.


Casa can be installed via Gluu Server installation. The server or VM should have at least the following minimum specs:

CPU Unit RAM Disk Space Processor Type
2 6 GB 40 GB 64 Bit

Make sure the Gluu Server has at least the following components:

  • oxAuth OAuth2 Server
  • oxTrust admin GUI
  • Apache Web Server

Getting started#


Casa is installed on the same server or virtual machine as the Gluu Server: follow the Casa installation instructions.

Configure Casa#

Configuring Casa for usage requires you to enable interception scripts in the Gluu Server, activate the authentication methods in Casa, and install and configure the 2FA settings plugin.

  1. Interception Scripts in Gluu: Enable authentication interception scripts in the Gluu Server. Log in to oxTrust as an administrator and enable the desired 2FA credentials to be managed with Casa.

  2. Activate authentication methods in Casa: Once the interception scripts have been enabled, they can be activated in Casa itself. Log in to Casa as an administrator and enable the desired methods.

  3. Setup 2FA preferences: Use the 2FA Settings plugin to set the minimum number of credentials a user must enroll among others.

Test enrollment and 2FA#

  1. Enroll at least two credentials on a non-administrator user.

  2. Turn on 2FA for the account.

  3. Test 2FA Authentication by logging off and logging back in. Application access should now require a second authentication factor.

Finish configuration#

Once satisfied with testing, configure the Gluu Server to log in users via Casa for all applications the server protects.

Check out available plugins#

Browse our catalog of plugins to add features and expand Casa!.