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Uninstallation and clean up#

To remove Casa from your Gluu installation, do the following:

  1. Update applications requesting casa acr. In case you have OpenId Connect clients requesting this acr_value, do the required changes because uninstallation will remove this acr and its corresponding custom script from your server. For instance, in oxTrust navigate to Configuration > Manage Authentication > Default Authentication method and update accordingly if you have selected casa there.

  2. Login to chroot.

  3. Run the cleanup utility. It will remove configurations added to your Gluu Server when Casa was installed, as well as data no longer needed. In the chroot run:

    # cd /install/community-edition-setup/
    # ./
  4. Log out of chroot and remove the package:

    For deb based systems:

    apt remove gluu-casa

    For rpm based systems:

    yum remove gluu-casa