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Single Sign-On (SSO) to Github Enterprise#

Configuration in Gluu Server#

Metadata from Github Enterprise#

  • Grab the metadata from http(s)://[hostname]/saml/metadata location. Your hostname is provided upon acquiring your Github Enterprise license.
  • Remove validUntil="20xx-xx-xxTyy:57:26Z section from Github metadata.
  • Save it as github_metadata.xml .

Create Trust Relationship#

  • Log into your Gluu Server UI
  • Navigate to SAML > Trust Relationship
    • Add Relationship
    • Display Name: Github Enterprise
    • Description: File method / External SP / SP-initiated SSO
    • Metadata Type: File
    • SP metadata file: Upload github_metadata.xml
    • Configure Relying Party: Yes, SAML2SSO image
    • Released Attribute: Username
    • Add image

Configuration in Github Enterprise#

  • Log into Github Enterprise management console. It should be https://[hostname]:8443/setup/settings
  • Click on Authentication
    • Select SAML
    • IdP Initiated SSO: unchecked
    • Disable administrator demotion/promotion: unchecked
    • Signle sign-on URL: https://[hostname_of_Gluu_server]/idp/profile/SAML2/Redirect/SSO
    • Issuer: https://[hostname_of_Gluu_server]/idp/shibboleth
    • Signature Method: RSA-SHA256
    • Digest Method: SHA256
    • Name Identifier Format: unspecified
    • Replace Certificate: Get Shibboleth cert named shibIDP.crt from Gluu Server. Location: inside_container/etc/certs/ And upload this certifiate here
    • User attributes:
    • Username: uid
    • Full name: full_name
    • Email(s): emails
    • SSH keys: public_keys
    • GPG keys: gpg_keys
  • Save Settings
  • Two sample setup from Github Enterprise Management panel:
    • image
    • image

Test SSO#

SSO to Github Enterprise should be ready now. Navigate to the hostname of your Github Enterprise app and you should be logged in. You can watch a sample video of log in and log out here