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Default Components#

Cluster Manager utilizes the following components:

  1. Gluu Server: free open source software package for identity and access management

  2. Redis-Server: a value key-store known for it's high performance, installed outside the chroot on all servers. This is used a cache storage mechanism for tokens, session data and general caching of all the oxAuth and oxTrust/Identity services. The configuration file is located on the servers with Gluu at /etc/redis/redis.conf or /etc/redis.conf

  3. Stunnel: used to protect communications between oxAuth, oxTrust and Redis. The configuration file is located at /etc/stunnel/stunnel.conf on all servers. It runs on port 16379 of all Gluu Server nodes and Cache Server . For security Redis runs on localhost. Stunnel faciliates SSL communication over the Internet for Redis, which doesn't come default with encrypted traffic

  4. NGINX: (Optional) used to proxy communication between Gluu instances. The configuration file is located on the proxy server (if used) at /etc/nginx/nginx.conf. If you are using an external HTTP load-balancer, this is not a necessary component. Session stickiness will need to be handled for all paths with the exception of /oxAuth

Logging for Errors and Troubleshooting#

Cluster Manager displays logs in the GUI about what's happening on the system it's interacting with.

There is also additional logging information in the $HOME/.clustermgr/logs directory of the user who installed Cluster Manager.

If you have any other issues or concerns, please open a ticket at