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Reference Architecture#

The web tier of the Gluu Server (i.e. oxAuth) is stateless and can be scaled horizontally. The local LDAP server included in all Gluu Server deployments (i.e. Gluu LDAP) supports multi-master replication (MMR). Any instance can be written to and changes are propagated to other instances.CM_Arch


The following ports are used by different components to communicate with their peers at other nodes of a cluster. Additional configuration may be needed to ensure they can be reached by incoming connections.

Port Application Relation
22 SSH Utility
443 SSL/TLS Load-balancer to oxAuth
1636 OpenDJ Conncetion Between Gluu Servers and Cluster Manager
4444 OpenDJ Administration Between Gluu Servers and Cluster Manager
16379 Redis Server through stunnel From oxAuth to stunnel to Redis
8989 OpenDJ Replication Between Gluu Servers
30865 Csync2 Default Between Gluu Servers