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If you are upgrading oxd-server to the latest version, we have included auto-migration functionality to easily transfer your data files. oxd-server now uses configurable data storage (h2, redis, etc.) instead of JSON files.

Legacy Compatibility#

Before moving forward with an upgrade to oxd 3.1.3, review the following legacy compatibility notes:

  • UMA 2.0: Supported in oxd 3.1.3 and Gluu Server 3.1.3
  • UMA 1.0.1: Not supported in oxd 3.1.3 or Gluu Server 3.1.3
  • OpenID Connect: Supported in all versions of oxd and Gluu Server
  • Pricing: If you upgrade existing oxd installations to oxd 3.1.3, the new per application billing model described above will take effect. This could have an impact on your monthly bill

OpenID Connect#

Follow these simple steps to migrate your JSON files:

  • Open oxd-conf.json
  • Modify migration_source_folder_path to point to the folder or directory that contains the JSON files

!!! Note: If you are using Windows OS don't forget to include the escape path separator (e.g. C:\\OXD_OLD\\oxd-server\\conf)

  • Restart oxd-server to import the files
  • Data migration will only happen once and will not initiate for subsequent oxd-server restarts


Auto-migration between UMA 1.0.1 and UMA 2 is not supported because of major changes between specifications. To view the UMA 2 specifications follow this link.