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Configuration Instructions

Generate/install keys and certs for Gluu Open Banking Identity Platform#

This section covers details about setting up the keys and certificates in Cloud-Native distribution.

Remember, MTLS is needed not only for the TPPs to call the authorization and token endpoints for OpenID Connect flows, but also by clients that are calling the configuration API.

Add/Update Custom Scripts:#

To add or update custom scripts, you can use either jans-cli or curl.

  • jans-cli in interactive mode, option 13 enables you manage custom scripts. For more info, see the docs.

  • jans-cli in command line argument mode is more conducive to scripting and automation. To display the available operations for custom scripts, use --info CustomScripts. See the docs for more info.

  • To use curl see these docs

Note: If using VM installation you can normally find in the /opt/jans/jans-cli/ folder.