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What's new in Gluu Server v4#

Version 4.0#

Persistence redesign#

In 4.0, the Gluu Server persistence layer is more modular. Previously LDAP was tightly bundled. Now, any persistence mechanism can be supported with a jar file that implements the base Persistence API. The desired mechanism can then be specifed in Learn more.

Support for Couchbase#

Couchbase Enterprise Edition (EE) is now supported as a persistence mechanism, enabling hyper-scalable authentication and authorization. Learn more.

Extensive Passport redesign#

New UI's in 4.0 enable simpler configuration of inbound identity workflows and improved support for external OpenID Connect Providers ("inbound OpenID"). Read the docs.

No version numbers in packages#

Previously, the version number was included in the Gluu Server package, e.g. gluu-server-3.1.6. Starting in 4.0, the latest stable Gluu Server package name is simply gluu-server. This simplifies version upgrades, server operations, and improves interoperability between Gluu products.

More SAML IDP features#

NameIDs can now be configured inside oxTrust, and SAML ACRS parameters are now supported, which, when used in conjunction with force authentication, enables stepped-up authentication for SAML SPs.

Support for RADIUS authentication#

The Gluu Server now supports two options for RADIUS authentication to enable SSO and 2FA to non-web applications like SSH, VPN, and Wi-Fi:

  • Gluu RADIUS: a free, single-threaded RADIUS implementation based on the TinyRADIUS server; and...

  • Radiator: a robust, commercial AAA server built for ISPs and carriers.

Improved clean up service#

Introduced in CE 3.1.6, cleanService is now more configurable. This service periodically removes unused and expired cache and session-related database entries to improve server performance. Read the docs.

Updated libraries and components#

4.0 includes the latest version of Shibboleth, updated Java libraries and Jetty, and Oracle JDK has been replaced with Amazon Corretto, an open source, production-ready distribution of OpenJDK.

Minor bug fixes and feature improvements#

A variety of bug fixes and UX improvements are included with the latest release. See our complete release notes.